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  1. R

    clean bathrooms?

    Ok, So only good clean/light traffic spots I know are Atlantic station public bathroom next to the movies, EARLY A.M tho. And the coffee spot on piedmont and peachtreee. Just askin cuz I'm eatin big tonite. Any other good spots? so any other good clean bathrooms?
  2. Edman

    Received a Ping 20 minutes away........and then this happened

    Received a ping 20 minutes away.... I got to my destination at 5:15 AM. I waited for pax to come out but he never came out after 5 minutes so I texted him and he did not respond so I called him saying "I was here." He told me that I arrived too early and that pick up schedule was for 5:40AM. Is...
  3. Edman

    Drivers getting ripped off by Uberpool, Uberpoo poo?!?!?!?

    Few days ago, I've picked up Uberpool passengers from Atlanta Airport to downtown Atlanta. All 3 pax together to downtown Atlanta. Drops were all within 1miles of each other. My pay from Uber is measly amount of $9.24. I am sure Uber is charging each passenger at least $12-$15. I am pretty...
  4. K

    Renting/Applying for apartment?

    Uber is my main source of income right now and I live in Chicago netting around $500 a week after expenses. I'm looking forward to moving to Atlanta in May, but I don't know how to go about applying for an apartment with Uber as the main source of income. Is there anyone who is renting currently...
  5. Edman

    Pool POO everywhere you go.

    UberPOO Stinks....
  6. Edman

    UberPOOl Pax gave me 3 stars........

    UberPOOL pax gave me 3 stars for navigation, my payment was $2.80... She said in her complaint: Uber driver did not arrive at the correct pickup location. However, I was there at the correct pickup address that she entered. She was the one that entered a wrong pickup address giving me a lower...
  7. ChillySM

    Suntrust Park - predictions?

    I say Doom and Gloom! It's seriously my goal to quit driving by then, and luckily with other things coming together it's looking like I'll make it. They can cover what I see as an essentially racist move with their "baseball demographic" survey, but the only people this will benefit are in...
  8. CryotheCrab

    Looking for long-distance driver(job offer)

    I am looking for an experienced driver to help me move my stuff(two large suitcases, three boxes, and a 10 gallon terrarium) from Charleston, SC, to Atlanta, GA. Ideally you would live in Atlanta, do the drive there and then back. It would be a one-day job, about 8 hrs of driving. Would anyone...
  9. Edman

    Another liabiltiy for UBER? What do you think?

    I broke my rule and picked up UberPOO yesterday. NEVER AGAIN!!! I accepted and picked up UberPOO 1 after another. So now I have 2 pax in my car. Just dropped one pax and ABOUT to drop off the other pax, so I can RELIEVE myself(Emergency/Mother Nature Calling). However, about 5 minutes before...
  10. Edman

    Is Dash Cam Allowed for Uber Drivers in Atlanta?

    Im thinking about getting Dash Cam. Any Pro and Cons?
  11. Uberberber

    IS there really a difference between driving for a cab Company or uber

    So i keep seeing this trend about people referring to themselves driving for Uber as being entrepreneurs . I honestly don't see how we can justify that . i get the flexibility aspect of the gig ,but to make money now-days we have to put in an insane amount of hours . Cabs get better pay than...
  12. Edman

    NEVER GIVE A 5 STAR rating to riders who don't tip!

    I wonder what would happen if all Uber Drivers lives up to this rule. Do you thinks PAX will start tipping? Instead, reserve 5 stars for those who tip!! Simple but effective, what do you think?
  13. Edman

    What QUESTIONS do YOU have for Uber GM tomorrow?(Q&A)

    Can you come up with some questions?
  14. Edman

    When is JUNO Coming to Atlanta?

    Any new information on JUNO coming to Atlanta? Will it happen this year? I can't wait, sounds so much better than UBER treatment towards the drivers.
  15. Edman

    No more countdown timer at the Airport RAA?

    Is it just me? My app does not show any countdown at the Airport RAA. Did Uber stop that for some reason? How do you know how long to wait at the airport?
  16. Sage_The_Mentor

    Atlanta not surging, only boost.

    I haven't seen surge areas in a few days. I keep seeing this crappy boost area thing. what happened to the surge ?
  17. A

    Uber paying less than Wendy's (no joke)

    Why does Uber continue to lie to people? My wife wants to make extra money. She has a degree from a top university but her degree in this economy is worthless. She used to work for Onstar but who needs that anymore? So she starts driving. every ad, youtube video etc that we saw was like "Oh yeah...
  18. Aset

    I got inot an accident! HELP!

    So, I just started with Uber on 11/04 and I got into an accident 11/11. This lady runs the red light and we crash. Of course, I called the police. The police gave her a citation. The rider gets rushed to the hospital. I am injured with no money. Blah Blah Blah! It was in an Enterprise Rental...
  19. Joshua Weinwurm

    Done with pool and lyft line

    I recently started driving for lyft and uber. Unless someone can convince me otherwise I am done accepting lyft line or uber. #1 lyft line means the passenger is cheap and trying to save money which means 99% chance you won't get tipped or get tipped poorly. #2 it pays terrible, I did a lyft...
  20. Mark Johnson

    Canceling the ride after starting trip? -- When unprofitable...

    As we all know, Uber doesn't let the drivers know the pax destination ahead of time to avoid cherry picking. I understand this concept but have also found myself in awkward situations when I start trip only to find out it's way out of the way. I recently picked up a couple from a restaurant in...