1. BurgerTiime

    Drivers head bashed in with a brick over mistaken ride request

    Full story: A Uber driver was bashed in the head with a brick when an irate passenger went on a rampage because he ordered an Uber Pool by mistake. Driver Joseph Gonzalez picked...
  2. F

    Just got assulted

    Hi all. Last night (Sat 26.05.18) I was punched in the chin by one of my rider's friends who sat on the front seat for trying to close the window. When I asked them to leave the car he threatened to kick the sh.. out of me so I drove them to the city. I picked up three guys whom later I found...
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    Police: Uber driver knocks out passenger during fight over route Police: Uber driver knocks out passenger during fight over route Tamp Bay Times - Aug 11, 2017 ST. PETERSBURG — An Uber driver punched his passenger during a fight, police...
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    Driver refuses overloading request, gets assaulted VIEW CAPTION BOCA RATON A New York man is facing a charge that he punched an Uber driver early Sunday, according to an arrest report. Kevin J. Molaro, 23...
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    1 Star thieves assault driver and steal his car

    Little did they know the app was tracking them Two men accused of attacking an Uber driver with a spanner and taking off with his car have been tracked down by police using the ride-booking service's GPS. The two men, aged 25 and 29, approached the driver when his Uber was parked in...
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    Pistol-Whipped Dallas Lyft Driver Keeps Going, Recording the Whole Time