1. westsidebum

    Play in the big leagues

    When Hilary Clinton launched her campaign she began with class agitation against low wages and a specific attack against the gig economy and companies like Uber that she viewed as exploiting workers and skirting labor laws. Her attacks got no traction and she moved on to other issues. For a...
  2. MoneyUber4

    New Drivers Association

    Driving is a very peaceful and enjoyable work. But this work has been changed by big companies. My idea is not to destroy those companies, but to find a way to make them work better for the benefit of the drivers. *I don't work and I don't want to be an employee of those companies. We all...
  3. NJ ABDA

    Taking Out an Ad in the Ledger

    Folks, Been a long, dead summer for most, we know and the recent price cut by Lyft has not made it any better. Uber has been good as far as volume goes but how's your rating? Has it taken a hit? How many people have disrespected you or your vehicle this summer? Did Uber help besides throwing...
  4. Ali Razak

    Join Independent Drivers Guild to get United and stronger

    Dear All, Independent Drivers Guils is currently organizing Uber Pennsylvania Drivers. I urge you all to sign up with IDG to have your voice on table with Uber. We all drive for uber to earn a good living but lately it's becoming impossible because the way uber keep changing their policies...
  5. K5CST

    Houston - Petition to Regulate Rates

    Current rates for UberX & UberXL are too low while fees are too high. These Charter Amendments would establish a floor for rates and a ceiling for fees. Also would enable the funding and establishment of an Association for drivers to promote their interests.
  6. Bill Feit

    About Organizing from those who are winning

    This is a pretty good article about Seattle and their efforts to organize for better conditions: Here are three paragraphs on why Seattle: The teamsters had decided that Seattle was the city that would be...
  7. MrsUberJax

    A Trade Association that represents the ride hail industry..

    This association has been around for quite a while and has been waiting in the wings to expand and grow with drivers who want change. There are hundreds of members and 1000's of drivers who have shown interest. Please visit this page and consider joining as drivers now seem to recognize the...