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  1. Gone_in_60_seconds

    Autoclub memberships

    Hello Community, Would like to know how you find the following auto club memberships? Compare cost to the benefits provided for each: 1) CAA - Gold, Silver, Basic membership 2) Canadian tire roadside assistance 3) Costco's Standard Plus Emergency Roadside Assistance 4) Dominion road side...
  2. LogManNJ

    Contact Lyft Driver

    Does anyone know of a way to contact a Lyft driver outside of using the App? We don't have access to the app here.
  3. R

    What is needed to start driving in the Metro East

    I understand there are too many drivers. Don't worry, I only intend to drive here temporarily. That being said, I began my uber application in the Chicago area. As a result, I began receiving e-mails detailing the requirements for driving in Chicago. This includes getting a city Uber sticker...
  4. Brandon010

    In need of in depth assistance as a new driver in the QC.

    Ive been all over public forums looki g for tips and tricks to tweak my profit for the better, however im only able to take away a few things that have worked and everything else has been garbage up to this point. 1. Turning car off while waiting for pax and trip requests 2. Not driving around...