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  1. PioneerXi

    Airport Penalty Box

    Did an airport drop off at 0720 checked arrivals and returned to the lot. 1-10 so I can wait. Got two pings from La Jolla (no screenshot) advising of possible premium pick up, short rides and well keep your spot in line. 24 minutes away. Thought that was unusual, while sitting in the lot...
  2. betterhavemyuber

    LAX Protestors

    I have actually changed my mind on this whole Trump thing Im glad he will be keeping assholes from our shores - starting at whatever moment he had authority to do so until he doesn't, Who wants some stinky , American Hating Islamic @@@@@@@ as a PAX? The biggest assholes in LA today are the Taxi...
  3. FAC

    Can you end a ride early and throw a Pax out?

    I typically stop driving around 10pm to avoid the drunks. Friday I did my first 10-2am drive. Nearly everyone drunk but happy go lucky drunks. Then I had a group of 4 men visiting from Chicago. Midway through the ride the three in the backseat started offering to perform very explicit sexual...
  4. JohnnyRev

    How to deal with @@@@@@@ riders

    Hi John, This is Sebastian from Uber support. We received a notice that you accepted cash on a recent trip. Do you recall such a trip where you may have accepted or requested cash from a rider? This is the information of the trip: Date of the trip: 29 Nov, 2015 Time of the trip: 1:02 a.m...