1. Marian Withee

    Trying to locate Asian guy Tony in Mazda CX-5

    Trying to get in touch with this uber driver ! Any info or help to reach this driver would be helpful !!!!!
  2. F

    my last post Bye bye 8 move to Las Vegas

    I attched video to this that girl if not me she has smiler perosnlaty ! and we have same look ! ! last night posted my post in wrong place ! !hope my DC driver friends see this one it's Good bye luck and good wish for all of you driver safe don't pick up low rated Rats ! any way i sold...
  3. P

    New Rules For East Asian Pax

    It looks like I'm a WeChat victim. Gave a ride to an Asian fellow and when I look at the trip history, the pay amount is blank. New rules for East-Asians. When they enter my car, I'm going to ask them to show me their user app. Unless they can show me the user app with it showing me as the...