1. mrpjfresh

    UberEats v. Takeout Central

    With UberEats having apparently started here in Asheville now, I thought I'd start a discussion thread to see drivers' experiences and whatnot. From what I read on here, it doesn't sound super enticing, especially with Uber's discouraging of tipping. If I wanted to deliver food, I think there...
  2. AVLien

    Local Uber Surge History Spreadsheet (Gratis)

    Hello all, I have made an Excel spreadsheet that aggregates local surge data from Surge Chaser. Everyone else will have to compile their own data for their own locale, but youse guys can just correct the CSV paths & use the thing if you want. You will have to start adding your own data in the...
  3. AVLien

    Meetup Group

    I have a Meetup group ready to roll, I just need to know if people would be interested. I don't like exclusion, so I want to know there is an interest before I drop my monies on it. Meetup is a paid service, but I made enough in an hour the other day when it snowed to cover it. Also, there is a...
  4. Choo

    Sketchy Pickup @Deeverview Apartments

    This is my first sketchy uber experience since I started last November. Last night I accepted a pickup off of Deeverview Rd. Deeverview Apts I think it was. Dude acknowledged me when I pulled up, and confirmed he was my rider. He got in the car, I started the trip, and asked him where he was...
  5. Ryan_avl_uber

    New to Asheville Uber

    I just started driving this week. My initial costs were high. I bought a mount, and some other stuff to make my car and nice place to ride. I've done 15 rides in 2 days (12.5 hours). I drive mainly during the afternoon until the evening. I found out fast that it's in my best interest to find a...