1. U

    Registering car/getting insurance- getting started

    Hi! I'm confused on how the process works. I read on the forums that we need special stickers for "ridesharing" in VA. Do we get this from the DMV or insurance? Do most people use personal or ridesharing insurance? If you have ridesharing insurance- what insurance company do YOU recommend...
  2. marc13

    How is sunday going? Arlington dead at this time

    Just got a ride from IAD to Arlington and its been almost 20min without a request. wondering if DC is dead as well.
  3. wynn

    Ballpark attendence/surge ratio

    No surge today for Ranger game. How big does crowd need to be-or are nighttime games more likely to surge than daytime?
  4. UberNOT4me

    Another attack on Uber driver near Washington DC
  5. jscottcarson

    Ping from non surge when I'm in surge

    Yesterday afternoon I was in Georgetown and it was surging 1.7. Just northwest of the university not far from me it was surging 1.5. I got a ping from non-surging Arlington (although it was yellow). Traffic across the bridge was really backed up. I texted the pax and told them I was 20 minutes...