1. Willjohnsdrive

    Area of Effect?

    So as a noob, (you may have seen me ask many questions in this forum...), I am curious what the coverage area for my notifications is. I mean how big is the radius of the area I show up in when someone is looking to book a ride? I set up camp at a place pretty much close to the center of town...
  2. B

    Just a few questions for Chicago

    I started driving in October as a part time gig and it was alright. I quit my job in December and started driving full time and it has been great until last week. It seems like without snow or rain it’s dead around here (Midway area) and even Lincoln Park area. So my questions to you guys are is...
  3. Edman

    I Don't See Any Uber Drivers on my Passenger APP

    Is there something wrong? Or is it something new by Uber? So we don't see any Uber Drivers nearby?
  4. Henrythemonkeyuberdriver

    good spot 2 wait 2 pickup ppl going 2stripclub?

    Any idea where a good area is to bring people to striplay clubs? I know the hours in Vegas would be like midnight to 3ish? But does anyone have a good spot they find ppl?
  5. Edman

    No more countdown timer at the Airport RAA?

    Is it just me? My app does not show any countdown at the Airport RAA. Did Uber stop that for some reason? How do you know how long to wait at the airport?
  6. cw09

    Amazon Flex - How to Select a Different Delivery Area

    I reached out to Flex support to see if I would get locked into the delivery area I selected and, lo and behold, they gave instructions for changing it. This isn't changing your region (city), just the "area" (warehouse) for delivery in your city. This info might already be out there but I...