1. Phill

    WARNING: NEW UBER CONTRACT (Opt out of arbitration)

    Had to agree to a new contract today. Looks like it replaces the 2015 contract. Make sure you opt out of arbitration. If I have time I’ll look for any noticeable differences between the two and report back.
  2. E

    Supreme Court handed a victory 2 transportation workers

    On Tuesday, the Supreme Court handed a victory to American workers, ruling unanimously that independent contractors who work in transportation may not be forced into mandatory arbitration. (Justice Brett Kavanaugh, who joined the bench after argument, did not participate.) The decision is a...
  3. E

  4. BurgerTiime

    23% percent of women surveyed said they've had to report an uncomfortable encounter with a driver

    Full: While Uber and Lyft present safe alternatives to drinking and driving, there are other dangers associated with the ride-share app. Many riders have reported instances...
  5. Mista T

    Brooklyn judge rules against forced pax arbitration

    Evidently the arbitration clause is buried so deep in the agreement that a judge decided that it was unreasonable for a woman to be held to it, she didn't know what she was agreeing to...
  6. BurgerTiime

    Uber will no longer force victims of sexual assault into arbitration Uber says it is taking steps to help reduce the culture of silence around sexual violence on its platform in the wake of a CNN investigation into sexual assaults and abuse by Uber drivers. The rideshare...
  7. Cou-ber

    Lyft Opt Out

    If, like me, on or around April 10th, you agreed to a new Terms of Use with Lyft. From the day you accepted, you have 30 days to opt-out of arbitration with respect to Driver Claims. Must be in writing. It was a @@@@@ to find in the Terms and I’m convinced when I accessed the Terms elsewhere...
  8. U

    Anyone else contacted about the Uber lawsuit?

    I was just contacted because I opted out. I doubt I'll see money, but I'm so ready to send them anything they want to squeeze Uber for cheating us drivers.
  9. nomogmos

    What is the REAL cost (in PENNIES!) to uber & lyft, per mile?

    I average around 2,000 miles/month with uberlyft. I pay about $30/month extra for ride-sharing coverage. If uberlyft's cost to insure me is the same, they pay 1.5¢ per mile to insure me. Their cost is probably FAR lower, maybe even .5¢ - half a penny per mile! That's probably their biggest...
  10. financeguy13

    Surprise Uber! Another criminal investigation

    Judge Alsup referred the Uber trade secret theft case to a US District Attorney for a possible criminal investigation. It's not clear which DA, if any, will pursue a criminal investigation. I imagine if that happens then all the records that Uber is withholding in the Waymo vs Uber case will be...
  11. JerseyBoy911

    Uber's Binding Arbitration Clause

    Hey, I'd like a list of people here who have opted out of Uber's binding arbitration clause. If you don't know what it is then you probably didn't opt out. There are many posts on this website about it even instructions on how to opt out but, it must be done within 30 days of signing up or...
  12. pizza guy

    Opting out of arbitration

    When I first signed up this message was everywhere. Obt out of arbitration. A simple Internet search or search of old threads will tell you how. Kind of sad that I'm one of the longest active members here. If anyone is interested in making a difference there should be a link on my profile page.
  13. MikesUber

    Uber offers drivers $1 each to wipe away labor threats valued in the billions

    Source: Uber offers drivers $1 each to wipe away labor threats valued in the billions A settlement offer in California would give Uber drivers $1 each. Joel Rosenblatt for Bloomberg 19...
  14. pizza guy

    New TOS- Do we need to opt out again?

    Got an email about a TOS update. Anybody know if we need to opt out of arbitration again?
  15. MikesUber

    Uber Announced Changes to Terms of Use

    Source: Uber Email With your help, we've been able to bring Uber to more than 400 cities in 72 countries. And that's in just a little over 6 years. In light of that growth and some changes to our services, we've made some updates to our US Terms of Use. These updates won’t change the way you...
  16. Jean-Paul Arguello

    Forced Arbitration Agreement

    I have't driven for months and just logged in to the app and I can't log on until I agree to a non-arbitration agreement where I agree to not join any class action law suits against them. I've already opted out a yer ago. WTF. Can anybody shed light on this development or share a link to a...
  17. UberXking

    Today marks the 36th day of my background check that is still in progress

    Well I estimated that Uber would take till after the super bowl to get my background check done. The waitlisting began on 1/18. Figured I'd be out 3 weeks and wondered how Uber expected drivers to be able to absorb the reality of having no income for nearly a month. Now it's Feb. 23rd and...
  18. optyman

    LAWSUIT - Opt out of Uber Arbitration now, even if beyond 30 days.

    Even if you are beyond the 30 days from the December 11, 2015 acceptance of Uber's new terms, please send an email to [email protected] with your name & state asking to "opt out" of Uber's new arbitration terms. The arbitration process most often favors the big guy. Attorney advice: Do this...
  19. MrsUberJax

    Tomorrow is your last chance to Opt out in Jax

    Hello Jax drivers! This past month Uber was smacked down by a judge in a case that they had pending in a court case elsewhere. The judge had told them that the language in their contract was illegal and unenforceable so as a result, exactly a month ago Uber issued a new driver contractual...
  20. txtim1982

    BAP Opt Out (Quoted from scrolling banner)

    If you haven't done so, read through this, via one of our friends in Chicago, It is on the scrolling banner /\ up there for the full post.