1. Daniello

    Is there any advantage of applying for TLC LIcense earlier?

    I plan to buy a new Car and drive for Uber once the NYC Cap is lifted in August, Is it better to apply for TLC License right now or should I just wait till June or July to apply, Only disadvantage of getting TLC License earlier that I can think of is that License will expire earlier. but what...
  2. Daniello

    how many months have you waited after you got Your driving License to apply to become an Uber Driver?

    how many months have you waited after you got Your driving License to apply to become an Uber Driver? How long did the whole process take?
  3. R

    Problem with application and medical records

    Hi all! I'm still in the process of the application with TFL and have now been waiting for 4 months. I 've just received a letter asking for a review of the medical declaration TPH/204. I've enclosed the paper the GP is supposed to sign and review. Anyone with similar experience? My GP is on...
  4. F

    Tlc application no update no help

    I’ve been calling TLC , (no response and if they do they tell me idk) I went to the office and this rude @@@@@@@ said , “there’s 12,000 applications and idk when “... anyways I submitted my application August 14,2018 .... it’s about to be a month and no approval, the only thing I got was an...
  5. T


    I drove for Lyft in 2016 (with no issues and a 4.98 rating) for only a few months. I decided to drive again this year and all my documents were quickly approved. On May 8th I started driving for the first time after my two year hiatus, but my driver app was deactivated after a few rides. This...
  6. Brooke14

    Drivers Under Deferred Prosecution Agreement.

    Hello friends, I have a open case for a DUI charge that I obviously have not been convicted for. I have been offered a DPA (Deferred Prosecution Agreement) it is what the government offers to defendants that it isn't sure it has enough evidence to convict. This means that I will not plea...
  7. G

    NYC TLC Question

    Hello, I tried looking for this answer online but I couldn't find an answer, so I was hoping maybe you guys can help. I didn't finish all my requirements for the TLC license in the 90 day time period. I am now again thinking about apply again and this time getting done everything I need to get...
  8. C

    Help! Afraid I'll be rejected by Uber because of expired license (even though I have a new one now).

    So yesterday I go to apply for Lyft, and I fear that if I apply for Uber the same thing will happen. As near as I can tell, Lyft thinks my license is expired when it is not? I'm not sure what's up. I have a current and valid New Jersey drivers license---I also had an old expired Texas license...
  9. N

    Lyft account malfunction!

    Hi! So yesterday I decided to try Lyft again. I updated some docs like my insurance. Then after it was all approved I drove an hour into town and did two 20 minute rides. When my second ride finished, my picture no longer appeared on my account and it said I was offline. When I try to “go...
  10. Jk&Mike

    Uber Partner App's interesting new feature

    Get a lot of pings. Really a lot. Only if you go above 100km/hr. Those on the expressway try it now. Make sure no speed cameras or TPs around!!!
  11. Kodyhead

    For people using second phone or use rider app while driving for uber

    Have you drivers noticed that the range of how far you used to be able to receive pings drastically reduced? For example if i was on the corner of oakland park and us1, i used to see myself if i moved the pin to lets say commercial and us1 but now my car disappears. I estimate the range is now...
  12. El Cemento

    Walking away from Lyft Nightmare Application Process

    I will toss the sour grapes. And end my quest to work with Lyft. What a hassle. Definitely looking forward to some drive time with Uber after all this...
  13. AVLien

    Lyft denied my application after weeks in limbo.

    I received the dreaded ambiguous F-U, but we'll still take your money message from Lyft this morning. To quote directly: "Thanks for your application Thanks for taking time to complete the Lyft driver application process. Unfortunately, after a final review of your profile, we’ve decided not to...
  14. Maven

    3rd Party Applications

    In addition to Waze and Google Maps there are many 3rd party Apps designed to help Uber drivers, not riders. IMHO, there should be a place to: List and/or recommend them Rate and compare them Suggest new features to software developers Talk about work-arounds to bugs Decide if the paid (not...
  15. Maven

    App Update Suggestions

    Uber, Lyft and others update their Apps frequently and randomly. It is best, but not required, to have the most recent application software update. The following suggestions are for Android users, but there are similar procedures for iPhone users. Check at least once-a-day, before you start...
  16. Andre445

    What the he'll is uber icc on pax application?

    What the he'll is uber icc on pax application?
  17. Jorlev

    TLC Vehicle Application Requirement - Fees and Incorporation

    Signed up with Uber at Manhattan location. I'm currently going through the TLC Driver application process but started looking at what the requirements are for TLC Vehicle Licensing. Unless I'm mistaken, ti looks like there's an application fee of $550, a Commercial Motor Vehicle Tax (CMVT) of...
  18. rararararara

    The most @@@@@@ed ap and website anywhere ever.

    I tried to use Uber for the first time today and what a joke. I know everyone on this forum has invested the learning curve time to figure it out... but from experience an amateur, illogical and clunky unusable app reflects an amateur and possible criminal organization who I don't trust. I...
  19. U

    Uber Application Process Change Nightmare... Is it worth it????

    Over 10 years ago, I went though an intersection in Canberra and was snapped by a red light camera. I did not have a fixed address at the time and had a conviction recorded against me in absence (based on the date of the offence and going overseas). On December 23, 2015 I went through the Uber...
  20. Lost In Translation

    Blacklisted By Lyft

    Last August I applied to both Uber and Lyft. I was approved by Uber in 4 days. Got an extra $100 for bringing my car to their staffed driver center, which is located in the heart of San Francisco. On the road and driving. Got my airport permit, my Uber logo stickers, etc. All very efficient...