application process

  1. C

    Help! Afraid I'll be rejected by Uber because of expired license (even though I have a new one now).

    So yesterday I go to apply for Lyft, and I fear that if I apply for Uber the same thing will happen. As near as I can tell, Lyft thinks my license is expired when it is not? I'm not sure what's up. I have a current and valid New Jersey drivers license---I also had an old expired Texas license...
  2. R


    Well I’m in sort of a messed up situation because of all these deadlines. Well for starters I’ve done everything possible to try to get my TLC plates and get on the road. Paid the downpayment of 700 for Tlc insurance did the 625 application everything. What happens when I try to pick up my...
  3. Maven

    Network Error

    The incoming request tone sounds. Anticipation! Excitement! But, when I tap to accept, a notification message displays, "Network Error". %^*%%^#() application! %^*%%^#() Uber! But, there's still time, maybe, just maybe. Tap OK and try again, but same thing happens, "Network Error". I may keep...
  4. Tryinitout

    Your Application and Becoming a Driver

    Okay, so I apply to drive for Uber and Lyft about two weeks ago.Lyft goes fine and I'm now driving for them. Uber.....not so good. My licence was RENEWED 8/2016 and Uber's CHECKR system sends me a message saying, I have to show proof I've been driving more than one year. No problem, just send...