1. B

    Anyone successfully appeal "unsafe incidents" deactivation

    I got my second report that a passenger was "uncomfortable with my driving speed", and am now deactivated for having "multiple reports of unsafe incidents". According to the message, "our decision is final". I offered to show them the dashcam footage when I got the first report a few months ago...
  2. L

    Flagged by Samba? & it’s been 3-4 weeks since I heard from DPU

    I live in Massachusetts & SambaSafety flagged something on my driving record, does this mean I cannot drive with lyft? Can I appeal or dispute this decision? Also My account is currently deactivated, and I’m trying to get it activated again, I’m waiting on my reports from MA RMV & MA DCJIS. I...
  3. E

    DPU MA Denied Appeal Suspension Lyft Help?

    Applied for Lyft 2 months ago. Met with my mentor. Passed Lyfts Background Check. I invested in a Toyota Avalon 2007 for this. $6,800 dollar loan. This past Friday. Got a Notice from DPU that they denied me my BackGround Check. Due to haveing my License suspended 5 years ago for Surchargable...
  4. dirtylee

    Banned drivers can appeal in NYC

    Uber drivers have won the right to appeal to a panel of five other Uber drivers.
  5. Mikes_uber

    New Driver Approval ..

    Hi Guys, Do you know how long it takes for UBER to approve drivers? Is has been over a week and no signs yet. My ex accused me, but that is closed now. Was never arrested. Does this matter? TIA, Mike.
  6. cleansafepolite

    All communications with uber come from the Philippines, at slave wages and long hours.

    Why do emails from uber suck? Becuase they are written by Filipinos working long hours for slave wages with large quotas. These people who are working for between 200 and 600 U.S. dollars PER MONTH. They are responsable for all research into claims and all writtwn emails. If you get an email...