1. Lyft_94110

    What's new in Lyft's app? They won't tell you

    I sent a help request to Lyft asking if there was a way for users to find out what fixes, updates and new features were contained in each weekly release of the app. They responded right away... with a canned response that basically said "Hi, thanks for asking, yes we do update the app every week...

    Problems with Uber Partner app v3.82.1 updated today

    I just updated my app to v3.82.1 (I'm in the Los Angeles area) and the touch feature for zooming and moving the map is all wacked out. I'll pinch with two fingers to zoom out and it will throw the map north or some random direction. Ugh, they can't seem to do ONE thing right.o_O
  3. D

    Turn off partner app notifications - lest you want to be awoken in the middle of the night.

    Had trouble sleeping, but finally managed to. Suddenly CLUNK! (roughly the sound of notifications on my iPhone). It was the partner app "Don't miss out on morning rush hour!" with reminders of busy morning commute hours. It was 2am. Uber, if I crash due to fatigue, I'm blaming you.
  4. S

    Uber complains I cancel trips.. I complain their app and surge sucks

    This is the email I got from Uber: Hi STEVEN, It appears that you’ve been canceling more rides than other drivers in Phoenix. If you complete more trips you’ll have less downtime and earn more. We understand that cancellations happen. There are traffic issues that can prevent you from getting...
  5. LMicheleS

    Samsung Galaxy S7

    Has anyone already made the leap to this phone? If so, how does it perform with the ride apps?
  6. Ziggy

    App Requires SSN to go online?

    WTF?? Now the app requires SSN to go back online. Been driving for over a year ... in fact, just finished a trip 3 hours ago ... and now I need to reapply for background?
  7. LucasG

    Driver Partner App Not Working

    I downloaded the App signed in and shows all my info, but when i go online i didnt get any requests for 2 hours, also i didnt show up as a car on the rider app. is there something wrong with my account or something missing making it not work? i want to drive out side of DC in NOVA but it isnt...
  8. LMicheleS

    Samsung Vs iPhone...which?

    Hi All. I have a question regarding which phone/OS works the best with Uber and Lyft. Currently, I'm on an old Samsung Galaxy S4 which likes to overheat and is known to be slowwwww. Other than those 2 things, I haven't had many problems. I want to upgrade, but am unsure which route to go...
  9. Lord Summerisle

    Technology company

    Enuff said.
  10. UberMeansSuper

    Did the little honeycomb surge areas go extinct?

    Logged in today, saw that the app (on iOS) was back to the traditional surge geometries instead of that stupid honeycomb-like hexagonal 50 Shades of Red. Anyone else have this? Yes I'm running the latest version.
  11. letsgo

    Would you use a dashcam-like app for 150$/month?

    I'm the manager of a pilot program that would pay Uber drivers 150$/month to do the following: - we'd give you a device to mount on your front windshield. This can either be an Android device or a dashcam. - you'll need to start recording once you start your daily drives and stop it when the...
  12. U

    Atlanta Drivers... Force Atlanta to surge!!!

    Ok so I've been driving for 3 months now and it's obvious that you cannot turn a true profit at 68/75 cents/mile on uberx. There is just no way, your operating and maintenance costs will catch up to you eventually. The only way to make good money driving uberx is to get surge rates of 1.6x and...
  13. R

    Number of phones/devices

    Hey everyone, This is my first post on the forum. Just wondering how many phones you use when you are working and what you use each of the screens for? I usually just use one phone, but some drivers are using two?
  14. AugustusGloop

    Partner App - Little black car cursor stuck pointing up

    I noticed the other day that the little black car cursor on the map only points up. It was working before, pointing in the location I am facing, and now it isn't. This is on the main map you see when you "Go Online". The cursor will move in the direction I move in, but will always point up...
  15. A

    THREE MONTHS of pay being withheld. Anyone able to help?

    Hey everyone! (Sorry in advance for the wall) While on the clock back in mid-December, my brand-new vehicle was totaled by a dunk driver, and it has completely destroyed my professional life. Because of the way we're paid, the insurance company is calling any sort of loss-of-wages I'm claiming...
  16. uberx2

    Other Platforms? Terago??

    I'm struggling on Uberx right now. There seems to be just too much waiting around to make it pay at these new lower rates and to make it worse I'm on 25% commission too. I looked at mixing my Uber work with Wheely but apparently they wont let you work on other platforms. Has anyone heard of...
  17. AllenChicago

    Lyft Software Application: Questions & Observations.

    February 11, 2016 Does anyone know if there is a Change-Update LOG that shows what Lyft is changing when it pushes out Lyft Application updates every week? Never seen a company push out weekly application changes/updates before. I don't know if that's a good thing, or a bad thing. But it...
  18. S

    can't get txt msg

    I managed to get a driver account on uber site, can login fine, but when I enter my tel nr to get the TXT msg about the driver app, nothing happens using Chrome. resend, nothing, no web page error msg. So I installed firefox, exactly the same problem. I sent a msg to [email protected] but got no...
  19. Nevets007

    Uber app disappeared!?!?

    Anyone else have this problem? My Uber app disappeared. Passenger app. I left my car at the shop and I need to get to work and I can't find the app on my phone. What's going on? I can't take the bus... It will take to long! It's missing from my iPad also. I guess I'll setup a Lyft account...