app problems

  1. Fiat_blu

    Uber app problems today 6/15/18

    Yesterday and today the map was glitchy, constantly changing or losing the route. Today I cashed out, Instant Pay, and I still don’t have my money in my account. My Uber account shows it ‘failed’, yet the ‘cash out’ button is not available and I show 0/zero balance. Some of my riders today said...
  2. Jack Malarkey

    Had a terrible time with app tonight

    I had a terrible time with the Uber driver app tonight (Thursday 31 August) at about 7.30 pm on my IPhone. I was in the middle of an UberEATS delivery when it all went pear-faced. I had just collected the food and went to commence the delivery trip. The app went haywire and wouldn't reveal the...

    App goes offline during the ride or after accepting the ping.

    Anybody in Toronto area with similar experience? UBER help desk suggests reinstalling the app, restarting the phone and do not address it seriously. I know couple more guys who are experiencing this b***sh*** recently and UBER, like, dont care
  4. Auggie_LV

    App extremely slow

    Anyone having problems with the app this past weekend? Pretty sure it wasn't my phone (iPhone 6) but either the app or the network was having some serious issues Saturday in Las Vegas. It would honestly take almost 5 minutes for it to acknowledge that I had picked up a customer. Then even longer...
  5. B_618_Eastside

    Problem with app

    Has anyone ever experienced the following: you get a ping for a ride request, before you could tap and accept, it disappears and a notice comes up and says "there was a problem."
  6. New2This

    Pax can get a timeout too

    Got a ping in downtown Bethesda at 1.8X surge. Drunk gets in, I make sure it's the right drunk. It is. I hit start trip, see 'Gambrills MD' (near Odenton/Jessup) & internally grin ear to ear. 1.8X to Gambrills = Chaching. I ask the drunk to put his specific address in the app. He winds up...
  7. pizza guy

    X ride matched with pool

    Had something weird happen today. I was driving my rider to the destination and got a ping. It was kind of early in the ride but I still blindly accept it thinking it's a stacked ride. I check the app and it's a pool match. I just thought I accidentally accepted a pool ride and the rider wasn't...
  8. SoobieDriver

    Select ONLY now flashing as uberx also?? And vice versa..

    K what is going on? When I go online as select only (which I started doing a little less than a year ago after making peanuts on x with a car that is not exactly fuel efficient) , I notice on the rider app that uberx cars will flash up as select too then disappear if you move the pin one address...
  9. Coaststarlight

    Life Time Trip Count Stuck

    My Lifetime trip count is stuck at 649, hasn't move from that in a few days, weeks earnings are consistent and everything else works, anyone else have this issue? Any other side effects if so? I'll update this if anything else occurs
  10. Queenofthepak

    Weird Day in LA

    Anyone else in Los Angeles having a weird day today? First it took an hour before I got my first ride comma then my first ride was going from Sherman Oaks to LAX and my earnings were $7.83. And also, for my miles driven, it shows 0, but it does show me going from Sherman Oaks to LAX. Also, the...
  11. Saranaynay

    Cannot operate in Palm Springs

    So hopefully someone here can help me since uber can't. I am trying to drive in my hometown Temecula where I always drive. But if I go online it said I cannot because my vehicle is not allowed to operate in Palm Springs, I'm not in Palm Springs obviously. I've contacted uber multiple times. They...
  12. S

    Nov 10 version broke ohare pickups

    Version 2.103.2 from nov 10 broke the ability for pickups at ohare. When you set pickup location you are promoted for what terminal and door you will be at. Then when you select where you are it doesn't send a request and locks you on that page. Hitting cancel only zooms you out a bit and you...
  13. K

    Phone Sound Problems

    In the past few weeks I've been experiencing MORE sound issues from the Uber app. It's always been screwy from time to time, but only when I have the app on, that seems to be worse. Now, the sound on my phone, iPhone 6, is screwy even when the app isn't on. I've had Verizon run diagnostics and...