app issues

  1. SMH Uber

    Anyone else having issues with the app?

    I couldnt complete the trip. no matter how many swipes I tried. After several tries i got an error occurred message. Then it told me to logout. I logged out and tried to log back in and it is saying my password is in valid. I was able to login from browser. I even tried the forgot password with...
  2. Heavy_DC2

    Latest Uber Phone Scam, Just When I Thought They'd Stop Trying, LOL!

    Thursday night I was driving on Lexington Ave heading South when I get a ping for uber x "JOE" and 5.0 rating to be picked up on E 80th Street between 2nd Ave and 3rd Ave. Anywho, I accepted the ping and I as I got closer, I get a call from the passenger, and the convo goes something like this...
  3. Kawiz03

    Annoying Pop Up

    Anyone else get a notification on their android phone everytime you close the Uber app letting you know Uber is running its sooo freaking annoying anyway of during it off without turning off push notifications for rides
  4. Nightrider_73

    More Taxify Driver app issues

    Anyone else having this issue? The past 5 times I’ve logged into the Taxify Driver App I’ve been unable to call up any ride history preceding 8 February 2018 and all support conversations in their entirety have disappeared! I’ve updated to the latest iOS version for my device and I’ve deleted...
  5. B

    Any Uber app issues in Logan lot?

    I swear there are so many fing people in the Logan lot that my app wouldn't receive the Uber pings correctly. I had back to back requests time out or fail. Rebooted new Samsung Galaxy S8 and then couldn't login to Uber app as I tried logging out then back in. The app didn't login successfully...
  6. Skozoze

    Uber Passenger App Issues

    I've had two passengers since Sunday say that they tried to book a ride on Uber and it wasn't working. Both ended up using Lyft. The one last night said there were no Uber drivers available - but I was available and not that far away (hence me getting the Lyft ping for her). Sunday night, she...
  7. Ubergirl2017

    App Issues?

    Hey guys, Having a problem here. I go online and don't get any requests at all. Doesn't matter what time of the day it is,busy or not. I usually drive weekends, so I can't see how is it possible to sit in front of the busy place, see other drivers picking people up and I don't get abosolutely...
  8. ttssoldier

    Android app vs iOS app quests

    A friend showed me a screenshot of his Uber driver app and I noticed that he has a little icon on the top right corner showing his current quest progress eg 7/20. He has an iPhone and I have a OnePlus 5. However I do not see this icon on my app. Is there a setting to enable it or is this a...
  9. BlueDwarf

    Blank map on both rider and driver apps, only showing pin

    I have a Galaxy S7 brand new and when I open the app, both Driver and Rider, only getting a blank screen with the location pin. I can zoom in or out but no map. Also showing all other cars on white background... It's been few weeks now, tried remove-reinstall with no luck. Even it was same on...
  10. Markeezee

    Lyft Line Woes

    I had a late start today due to running errands and taking care of other personal matters, and after tonight, I wish that I just stayed in for the night all thanks to the inefficiency of Lyft Line So I started driving out to my stumping ground at Cerritos, CA. It must be the cloudy and cold...
  11. ibeam23

    Account hacked?

    for the last two days I've been having issues seeing any surge on the app. I reinstalled the software but that didn't help. Closed the app a few times and each time I opened it the app looked different. Then I get a text from Über saying someone in Kearny logged into my account. I'm not in...
  12. RedoBeach

    Anyone Having Trouble Logging into App?

    I was logged in fine earlier today but since have been unable to log back in. The app was experiencing issues like connecting to Waze, but at least I was able to drive. I reset my password and still no luck. Online portal in the browser works just fine with both old password & new password.
  13. RedoBeach

    Verify Identity.. Busted

    Is anyone having any trouble with the verify identity feature on the app? I was forced to pull over in the middle of morning rush hour to snap a screenshot of my face. Once I get to the circle where I tap to snap a picture, the stupid button won't work to take the picture. It's definitely...
  14. Driv'nMsDaisy

    Uber App Issues

    Is anyone seeing these issues? 1) App locking up after completing a trip (especially if you try to move the map) 2) App taking you back to your last trip as if you are still on the trip and you in fact swiped right and competed the trip upon completion and rated PAX. 3) Upon relaunching app...
  15. L

    App Issues!

    Trying to open app, and getting 'Unfortunately, Uber Driver has stopped' every single time. Is this happening to anyone else?? How can I fix it??
  16. SMH Uber

    App issues... AGAIN!

    Anyone else having issues see trip earnings? I've had 3 trips this evenjng and none of them are showing up in app. I'm writing down my trips to make sure I get paid. I shouldnt have to do this. These app issues are happening wayyyyy too often. Get it together Uber.
  17. New2This

    Uber pays for app outage

    Did anyone else get a payment for June 30 when the app was glitchy? Not a lot but it was a surprising gesture. Nice of them to acknowledge the issue.
  18. Kawiz03

    U Street Network Issues

    Maybe its Sprint maybe its Uber but is anyone else having "Network Issues" on U street weekend nights?
  19. Thelma & Louise (T&L)

    The last couple of weeks - issues. Feedback plz

    The last couple of weeks I have seen my earnings drop to nearly half what they were one year ago. This has been most apparent in the last couple of weeks. Sure it does get quieter in Winter, but this is most unusual. Surely Ubers strategy (if they gave a damm) would if been to restrict the...
  20. Manotas

    App issues on Valentine's weekend

    Did anybody else had issues when trying to call a Pax? My app would just dial and cut off and when I responded to the Pax texts they never got it