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app design

  1. ttssoldier

    Android app vs iOS app quests

    A friend showed me a screenshot of his Uber driver app and I noticed that he has a little icon on the top right corner showing his current quest progress eg 7/20. He has an iPhone and I have a OnePlus 5. However I do not see this icon on my app. Is there a setting to enable it or is this a...
  2. L

    New Lyft driver. The customer location location disappears when I accept. then I just have GPS

    I am having problems using the lyft app. I don't have constant access to the address of the pick up nor of the destination. Am I doing something wrong.
  3. FAC

    Unable to give positive feedback

    i don't know if this should be under complaints or technology because I'm complaining about the uber pax app. Nowhere in the pax app can a pax provide any positive feedback about drivers - feed back that is actually read and noted on the drivers file. (We all know uber doesn't read the...
  4. Django81


    So a member of the team was on the toilet and came up with the new pattern design for the uber-partner app ( don't feel like a partner) while looking at the patterns in her bathroom. I guess that's how they roll out there and they say the only change is the design. Her reference by the way is...
  5. Cam11b

    UberPOOL vs UberX In User App (Miami vs LA)

    I just found this screenshot in another thread (posted 01/20) of the passenger app from a driver in LA... Notice any difference between the two regarding UberPOOL and how easy it is to see whether selected or not? Tired of passengers trying to pull the bullsh*t trick of - "Oh I didn't know I...