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app crash

  1. mwilsoncpd

    App not working

    The app looks like it has been completely hacked. I can go online but everything else is not working. Anyone else??
  2. T

    Driver app crashed

    its Monday Dec 10th at 4:45 pm and my app has completely crashed. I accepted a ride and it wouldn’t show GPS, could not cancel or contact the rider or anything. I can’t even contact Uber support. Is anyone else experiencing issues?
  3. Jack Malarkey

    Uber pays drivers for app problem

    Today (Monday 20 November 2017) Uber sent me an email advising a special payment related to app problems on 10 November. The amount I received was $15.42. Hi Jack, On November 10, you may have noticed a brief service interruption. While we fixed the issue quickly, we appreciate your patience...
  4. TedInTampa

    App crashing, Getting shorted on distance.

    My app has crashed 3 times today. Once while using in app navigation to get to the pickup, Twice while using Waze with a fare. Each time it crashed with a fare, I was shorted. The first one turned a 10 mile fare into 1 mile (already fixed with a +$9), waiting on 2nd now. Check your distances...
  5. Asgardian

    App updated and keeps crashing...

    My app updated Saturday morning and every time I try to open it, it crashes on the loading screen with the logo. I've restarted my phone repeatedly, re-installed the app and contacted Uber resulting in a bunch of automated and ultimately useless, uninformed suggestions. It's been 4 days now and...
  6. Reversoul

    Im going offline

    I refuse to take another trip until my earnings for tonight updates on the app. I took 9 trips and it only shows 4. I can't continue to take trips tonight unless I know I'll get paid. Even the website is down smh. What a waste of a Friday night. Anyone else having problems?
  7. Andrew Kopiychuk

    Got bumped from the behind while entering Lincoln Tunnel.No fault.

    All right. This happened to me this Thursday. I had two passengers and was on the trip and online. I was entering Lincoln Tunnel from the NJ side, just passed those toll booths, was standing still in the middle of the plaza, about 200 feet away from the tunnel tube entrance. Suddenly the car...
  8. cthorn112

    Problem with driver app

    I've been driving since 11am this morning and noticed that around 11:45am the app started to crash. To be more specific it would close out on me out of no where. I didn't have any other apps open and I wasn't doing anything on the phone. Even stranger was when I went to open it after it crashed...