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app bugs

  1. Dobson73

    Ratings not updating

    I called Uber this morning to report that for the last 2-3 months my ratings numbers haven't changed at all. I find it impossible to believe that no passenger has given me a rating and my numbers have frozen. Seems I'm the 2nd driver to have called with this issue in the last 24 hours. Is...
  2. M

    Delivery Driver App stuck in delivery

    Twice during a delivery I have received a Navigation error both times after I said the order was not ready. ( Not sure if cause or coincidence) Now my phone is stuck in the delivery and I can't get out of it. thoughts? help? is this happening to other people?
  3. Phasmatrope

    Any sites to DL older versions of the apps? (particularly Lyft)

    Hey all, I'm wondering if there are any legit sites/ways through Google Play (I'm on Android) or elsewhere to download older versions of the apps?? Mainly looking for Lyft's version, but I'd be open to finding the older version of Uber as well. Main gripe with the current version of Lyft (I'm...
  4. Jack Malarkey

    Uber pays drivers for app problem

    Today (Monday 20 November 2017) Uber sent me an email advising a special payment related to app problems on 10 November. The amount I received was $15.42. Hi Jack, On November 10, you may have noticed a brief service interruption. While we fixed the issue quickly, we appreciate your patience...
  5. Maven

    Uber Underpaying Drivers, Again

    ALWAYS check the mileage, especially on longer trips. It is tedious, but essential. This is an old complaint, but it seems to be happening more frequently recently. I may see under 3 miles on a trip over 30 miles. :mad: Of course, I'm paid for the 3 miles, unless I complain. Otherwise, Uber...
  6. E

    Thursday 4/21/17 Tussy Mt Surge Issues

    Did anyone else have issues with surge (5+) not registering after the concert last night at Tussey Mt? The app and network were clearly having issues with demand at the time. In the middle of the deep red area, I got two trips and both were no surge.
  7. Jack Malarkey

    Delay in timer beginning on app?

    When I accept a job, the timer shows the rider as being zero minutes away. It's only about three minutes into the trip to collect the rider that the timer displays the correct number of minutes. I am using an IPhone 6S. Has anyone else noticed this glitch?
  8. Cowboyup

    Uber app sending out wrong addresses...again

    It was most notable last night. I received back to back wrong addresses for pickup. Noooo it wasn't my phone or app itself. I confirmed with 6 passengers and they were having problems with Uber drivers finding them just to find out Uber app was sending out wrong p/u address to drivers. I sent...
  9. Uber-jon

    Waze disabled on Pool rides

    Accepted a Pool ride, hit "Navigate" and instead of invoking Waze, the app went into its own navigation routine. Rather disconcerting for me when I've used Waze exclusively... Anyone else experience this?
  10. New2This

    Uber pays for app outage

    Did anyone else get a payment for June 30 when the app was glitchy? Not a lot but it was a surprising gesture. Nice of them to acknowledge the issue.
  11. Manotas

    App issues on Valentine's weekend

    Did anybody else had issues when trying to call a Pax? My app would just dial and cut off and when I responded to the Pax texts they never got it
  12. R

    Uber App Thinks I'm somewhere else! Won't let me drive!!!

    I'm a newly accepted Uber driver, and when opening the app and going online to accept trips for the first time, it says I'm located in a different city, where there is no Uber service. However, I'm located in Ocean City, MD, where Uber is active! I e-mailed uber the problem, and they...