1. Hans schmidt

    Idea for new uber software, where do I find a developer?

    I'm sure people say it all the time, but I really do have the next big uber idea, really pushing the software in a completely different direction that will develope new income streams for uber, its drivers and partners, but I can't get any of uber developers to give me the time of day. What...
  2. UberZF

    Uber Driver API - Its Official

    Finally, Uber has released the Driver API... https://developer.uber.com/docs/drivers/ Most interesting is all the information that may be scraped . 3 Types of Requests: GET /v1/partners/me Get driver profile GET /v1/partners/payments Get driver earnings GET /v1/partners/trips Get driver...
  3. D

    Muliple Devices Sharing Destination, API

    Those using multiple devices, one for the Partner App and one for Maps, do you have to manually enter the address into maps app. Is there another app that can share the destination from Uber Partner app to another device running the maps app. Is there an API for the Uber partner app, I could...
  4. Modern-Day-Slavery

    Would this work?

    Uber just connects riders with drivers. Why do we need to give Uber 20%. They spend our hard earned money on Marketing, advertising, law suits and Some app development. Why don't we create an Open-Source API which connects drivers with riders directly and effectively removes Uber from the...