1. DoYouEvenLyft?

    Unemployment is currently around 13%, or 15 million people.

    Supposedly, there are more than 10 million americans without jobs right now. Once the stores start opening again and people start going outside, once the economy starts "recovering", what will happen to the people who are unemployed? More importantly, what will the unemployed do IN THE...
  2. ANThonyBoreDaneCook

    We've Hit The Corona Lottery You Ant Bastards!!! Bahahahahahaha On UberPeople, the largest driver forum on the internet, dedicated drivers call themselves “ants.” One thread contains a photo of a driver encased by a sterile...
  3. Daisy&Cream

    My dearest Ants....

    I so dearly missed you! :p No truly! I have. You’re just some of the awesomest coolest people I know on the World Wide Web! And even though I don’t drive anymore I still think of you..... sometimes. Wishing all of you a happy belated New Years! Have a great blessed year! Hope you make $$$ and...
  4. ANThonyBoreDaneCook

    New Ant Lot Same As The Old Ant Lot

    Well that didn't take long now did it? I make it a point to call the police every time I drive by this disgusting dump during a rematch and report that "something might be on fire" or "It looks like there was an accident and two men are about to fight, send help" Seriously, the Q is full and you...
  5. ANThonyBoreDaneCook

    Prius z-z-z-z-z-z-z-zzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZ Sound When AC/Heat Is Running

    Has anyone else experienced this sound before? I must admit, I neglected my air cabin filter for a few months. When I pulled it out to replace it, there was pretty much an entire tree in there haha. I'm thinking there is a stem, leaf, gas receipt or thistle that is barely touching the squirrel...
  6. Antvirus

    Uber As Loan Shark? Help Uber Build Something New

    Check your app for the latest survey. Uber handing out loans? My that's comforting...
  7. Gemstone

    ? Popcorn, get your popcorn

    To the screamer in the LAX pen: It's not that serious bro. Calm down before you pop an artery ?
  8. PioneerXi

    I Found The Answer To Our Woes

    Clearly , knows our business - even drives a Hybrid Prius. I imagine he’ll be inundated with calls. You’re welcome. :thumbup: #gotants
  9. ZenUber

    What are Ants?

    When I first came to this site, I thought I knew immediately, It's all the little cars icons you see in the Uber Rider app. They look like ants. But I see people referring to ants in ways that are confusing.
  10. Willjohnsdrive

    The ant nest is killing me

    been running Lyft for a few months and I run about 8 hours a day bringing in 100 bucks a day on average, after gas. I am in Clarksville Tennessee which isn’t very big and I noticed that this week I wasn’t making crap. It’s an army town so I knew I would be slow due to the government strike, but...
  11. Pax Collector

    Are they telling the truth?

    Both my rider apps show fellow ants many many miles away and spread out.
  12. Pax Collector

    Drivers, you're not a U-Haul

    I was leaving my apartment complex earlier today when I saw this poor ant in his shiny Acura MDX helping a lady load a full size mattress, bed frames and a few other pieces of furniture. The most painful part, the lady saying "I won't keep you that long, we're only going to the Goodwill" (Which...
  13. RideshareSpectrum

    Ant Mentality 101

    So there was a 3/$5 CTB this morning that caused a map wide whiteout. I personally refuse to drive for base during rush hour and personally think Uber paying less than $40 an hour is insulting to any of us who fight through Bay Area rush hour traffic to deliver the entitled to work on time ...
  14. Pax Collector

    The saga of the typical ant

    I came across a movie titled DriverX. Played by Patrick Fabian, it tells a tale of a typical rideshare driver.
  15. Lissetti

    Assisted Care Ants

    Lyft just hired a hotshot exec from McKesson to run its growing business transporting patients to medical appointments Lyft is looking to build out its health care business unit, which helps patients get rides to non-emergency medical appointments. It has hired Megan Callahan, chief strategy...
  16. Pax Collector

    Free food at the airport queue today.

  17. Kurt Halfyard

    ARGH! The Ants Have Discovered My 'Hood!

    Something happened in the North end of Mississauga in September. I went from being one of a few (happily) lonely LYFT ants in the neighborhood to a bloody-ant-farm. There were not a ton of PINGS before, even as I was often the only driver in my area, but oh, boy, there are zero now. I guess...
  18. mikewithebike

    Seastreak AH

    The only reason I'm here is I just dropped someone off. In 5 minutes four ants joined me and the guy that was here when I arrived. Who'll get a ping when the ferry arrives remains to be seen...
  19. S

    You only have yourselfs to blame

    I use to read this forum 2 years ago and I knew what was going to happen. Unlike taxi drivers who have the motto and training to be always crying poor , guys on here boasted of their earnings !! I have never met a taxi driver who has had a busy night ! I remember guys on here telling others...
  20. randolph2323

    Be careful!!!!!

    Its Alot of Ants Flooding the Market