1. ErniesRide

    Unemployment and Uber Answers from "an unemployment manager"

    I've seen several threads regarding unemployment but I've not personally seen anybody with answers about how to report Uber income while receiving unemployment. I've called my unemployment office today and after enduring the worst run-around and hold music, I spoke to a woman who gave me...
  2. Silver Cap

    one question

    If you were to ask Uber one intelligent question what would it be? I will ask the best question tonight and post the answer tomorrow.
  3. iRideShareDC

    Response To Your Comments/Inquiries On Post From 9/14/2015

    Dear UberPeople Community, We whole heartily apologize for the delay in response to your messages. Thank you all for the incredible feedback, challenging questions, and for letting us know your views on what we are trying to accomplish. We went through your comments/inquiries and came up with...