annoying pax

  1. Surgeless in Seattle

    Help! So Tired of Pax asking Personal Questions.

    Perhaps this is a sign it's time to stop but I cringe and get incredibly irritated at the - "Is this your full time gig?" type questions... You know the ones, "How much do you make?" "Is this your only job?" Of course there's also the, "Do you feel safe?" "Aren't you scared being a woman?" "How...
  2. Fuba Duba

    Too bad, so sad

    I am almost positive that this job truly personifies Murphy's Law. I tried to ride the Temecula Surge wave last night on some kind of crazed idea that it would follow the same patterns that it has every other weekend. Seeing as anytime I try to do anything calculated it ends up poorly, it was...
  3. afrojoe824

    Kicked out annoying rider

    Picked up pax last night in Marina Del Rey with 1.5x surge. Destination was to DTLA and I'm thinking what a sweet ride it'll be. As he got in the car, he then asks me what direction I'm taking and I said wherever the uber app takes me. He then requests to turn on waze, I hesitate as I hate waze...
  4. UberMeansSuper

    Drunk Suburb Girls

    It was 2:00 AM, just dropped off a really tipsy guy in a suburb of Fort Worth. I am contending logging off, since I do live in Dallas over 40 miles away and at this rate, I could end up anywhere. I pump gas ($2.09/gal! I can't pass this up!) and forgot to log out so I get a ping back to the bar...