1. Mista T

    Pet Peeves: for pax to read

    As drivers, we obviously dislike people vomiting or damaging our car. But those instances are rare. Most often it's the simple things that cause drivers to rate passengers (pax) low. Drivers, sound off, what annoys you the most? Try to keep it professional, hopefully a somewhat positive thread...
  2. z31_faceecaf_13z

    Annoyed with switching

    so I get a run that is 8 minutes away and I am on the way to pick up. Then the system all of the sudden cancels this and tells me that they have someone closer and are detouring. That is all fine and dandy and perfectly efficient. ....but then the 2nd run cancels on me before the 5 minute...
  3. R

    University Survey on Transit Integration

    Hey everyone! Tired of waiting for passengers at the train station? Below is a university survey about integrating transit information with the Uber app. Your input would be greatly appreciated!