ann arbor

  1. rebutfyl

    Get regular Lyft ping even after set the app to LyftXL only

    This past weekend I keep getting regular Lyft ping even though I have set my app to LyftXL only. Anyone have the same experience?
  2. rebutfyl

    Anyone still able to accept ride during uber app downtime?

    Anyone still able to accept ride during uber app downtime? I saw some uber driver still picking pax during uber app downtime, and it was surge like crazy.
  3. S

    Golly boy

    I'm getting killed out here in A2. 45 minutes online and nada! Seems there's to many drivers on the road without the students around.
  4. rebutfyl

    Based on your feedback, Lyft is introducing new guarantee a bonus.

    Lyft taking away the prime rate and replace it with the bonus.
  5. Jeff Black

    Driverless-Car Hub Michigan’s New Motor City: Ann Arbor

    ANN ARBOR, Mich. — As the world looks ahead to a future of interconnected, self-driving cars, this college town 40 miles west of Detroit has emerged as a one-of-a-kind, living laboratory for the technologies that will pave the way...
  6. N

    Surge at DTW

    Hey guys/gals, Be mindful of your fares at DTW when there is a supposed surge. Twice last night there was a 1.8-2x surge at the airport and I was one of two cars in the que. Yet, when I got the ping, there was no multiplier and thereby no surge included in my fare. I contacted Uber and they...
  7. I

    Uber Select?

    So i've been driving for a few months now. I have a Cadillac ATS and uber itself said Cadillac qualifies for UberSelect. But I have not been a select driver, so that leads me a few questions. Who drives and is a select driver in Ann Arbor? Is it as busy as X? Can you still accept x requests...
  8. S

    Ann Arbor

    Hey all! I wanted to open up an Ann Arbor-specific thread. We can share insights and best practices, as well as troubleshoot past problems! We need three active users to sign up to this feed!
  9. WeirdBob

    UMich ‘extremely disappointed’ by student who abused Uber driver