1. MikeNY

    How do you react to a PAX with a dog

  2. Jack Malarkey

    GoCatch: Child, parcel and pet services

    Email received from GoCatch on Wednesday 12 September 2018 at 10.30 am: Child, Parcel & Pet Transport Services - Register Your Interest Hi Jack, Commencing in the new year, we will be expanding our transport services to include authorised and safe transportation of children for drivers...
  3. Jack Malarkey

    Article: ‘Canberra tops the nation for driver collisions with animals’ Talking points plus first two and final paragraphs: Talking points Kangaroos made up 92 per cent of [animal-related] collisions in Canberra...
  4. Mista T

    Exotic animal

    Pickup from an exotic animal vet center. Pax had a young lynx!! At 4 months old it weighed 12 pounds, said they get up to 40 lbs. It was so cool!! See pics
  5. Phasmatrope

    Frustrating/amusing pre-ride Cancellations? (where you made contact?)

    Just curious to hear if anyone here has any particularly frustrating/amusing Cancelation experiences they wanted to share/get off their chest? Hopefully nothing mid-ride--where the person was being difficult/threatening you-- but maybe something where looking back, you probably dodged a bullet...
  6. A

    Boston Logan Airport TNC lot is disgusting

    For anybody working in Boston who has been to the airport will probably notice how disgusting the lot is. I'm actually very happy they are towing Uber/Lyft drivers and giving them citations here now. Everywhere you park and you open the door you get a wiff of pee smell. Some pee in bottles and...
  7. Ishe

    What Do You Think About Animals w/Pax?

    One morning, accepted a Pool. Picked up a pax in Springfield, headed toward SW DC, stopped to grab the next Pool pax around the Eisenhower area near the Van Dorn Metro. I pull up and the timer is ending. I see this guy, he comes up to the car, "Are you my Uber driver?" Already down to 59...
  8. Maven

    Cats & Dogs

    Are you willing to transport cats or dogs with their accompanying owner? Not talking about service animals. If so, do you insist on any special conditions? Do you say something to the owner before ? Ever had an animal have an "accident" in your car? If so, what happened? What is the weirdest...
  9. Jack Malarkey

    Animals must be confined

    The ACT rideshare legislation (section 221W) specifies that an animal is to be confined in a box, basket or other container. There is an exemption for assistance animals. The penalty for non-compliance is up to five penalty units ($750)...
  10. Jake2016

    What are your thoughts on passengers with animals/pets?

    Picked up a tipsy couple last night in Laguna Beach during surge hours. They asked me if I don't mind their mid-size dog that showed up a bit later from their friend's house. I said: "I don't mind at all, but I need someone to hold it on a towel and I hope it was walked before the ride." The...
  11. D Town

    Uber Settles with The National Federation of the Blind

    SAN FRANCISCO —Uber and advocates for the blind have reached a lawsuit settlement in which the ride-hailing company agrees to require that existing and new drivers confirm they understand their legal obligations to transport riders with guide dogs or other service animals, an advocacy group...
  12. Coffeekeepsmedriving

    I have allergies to dogs, Do I have to pick up seeing eye dogs?

    I have allergies to dogs, Do I have to pick up seeing eye dogs?