1. M

    Awesome charging cable for Riders!

    Just wanted to share. The Wifey discovered this brand of cables (Mentiz) from Amazon. Been using the USB C version with old Quick Charger for my Samsung S8+ and been keeping it charged at constant 100% while driving. Old Anker Powerline II cable never got close. I bought another one and also...
  2. MikeNY

    Android Auto/Apple Car Play

    Toyota is one of the only car manufacturers not to have Android Auto in the newer models due to privacy concerns. Rumor has it 2019 Avalon may have it.
  3. BeantownSid

    [App] Map of 4G LTE dead zones & green zones (latency monitor)

    Hi all, I am the developer/creator of an Android app called "Drive 4G" which shows crowd-sourced speed maps for 4G LTE in your city. It's like Waze, but for network quality in neighbourhoods. If you believe the city where you drive in has flaky 4G LTE or 3G , OR localized congestion often...
  4. Kawiz03

    Annoying Pop Up

    Anyone else get a notification on their android phone everytime you close the Uber app letting you know Uber is running its sooo freaking annoying anyway of during it off without turning off push notifications for rides
  5. Raven Connected

    Raven: An all-in-one connected car dashcam, perfect for Uber drivers

    Hi drivers, When it comes to driving, we know that safety is top of mind, so we feel that Raven is a connected dashcam and security system perfectly suited to rideshare drivers like you. The Raven device-app lets your loved ones track your journeys and the conditions you face both inside and...
  6. BobCat Ridge

    Anybody CO Drivers on Lyft running Android OS less than 7.0.1 ?

    Got an email from Lyft today, if you are running a no longer supported version of Android i.e. anything less than 7.0.1 I guess, you will not be able to drive. I have a workhorse Galaxy S4 5.0.1 that is just fine until it's not according to Lyft today. Thoughts or experiences to date with this...
  7. RiderOnTheStorm

    Waze freezing up on phone calls

    Waze locks up anytime the phone rings or a call is dialed. Other than that, it seems to be working with Uber again. Once it freezes, it's totally dead. You cannot get it back except by REBOOTING the entire damn phone. The freezing does not seem related to Uber -- still happens if I have never...

    Lyft Platform Freezing

    Lyft continually freezes on me. It used to happen occasionally, now it freezes every 2-3 rides. It doesn't happen with Uber or any of my other apps. Lyft blames me. They suggest turning off other apps (which I'm not going to turn off Uber or Google maps), toggling flight mode (which I do...
  9. MHR

    Staggering Variety of Clandestine Trackers Found in Popular Android Apps Uber and Lyft both citied as offenders in the article.
  10. Fargle

    Rooted phones again

    Back in June, the Uber Driver app threw a fit over my phone being rooted. This was a phone rooted through the towelroot exploit, so if I undid it, there's no getting root again. I switched to T-mobile and have a rootable phone now. So, before doing the deed, I'm checking to see if rooted...
  11. ttssoldier

    Android app vs iOS app quests

    A friend showed me a screenshot of his Uber driver app and I noticed that he has a little icon on the top right corner showing his current quest progress eg 7/20. He has an iPhone and I have a OnePlus 5. However I do not see this icon on my app. Is there a setting to enable it or is this a...
  12. BeantownSid

    Seek your input: an app to spot no-data zones + alarm on 4G outage?

    Fine folks of Beantown, I am planning to develop an app for Android smartphones that would help folks quickly find the nearest "green zones" and "red zones" as far as data connectivity go. Would that be useful to you personally: enough to pay (say) $10 per month for real-time actionable...
  13. B

    Calling contacts/riders with tablet?

    How to call contacts/riders with Android tablet using AT&T cellular data plan. The tablet can make calls when in wifi, but can't while driving on cell network? Someone said I could use my phone as hot spot, another said there was an app for this, another said ask this form for help! So help p!ease
  14. Dostum

    Uber navigation

    Hi guys, I just realised UBER now have its own build in navigation. But I found this navigation accuracy are not good as Google, and I also has issue with it. Personally I feel they need to improve more such as show riders location on the road, rider address, whole trip in one map at start etc...
  15. MaximusMurkimus

    Is there a way to call pax if I use a phone on wi-fi/hotspot?

    I got two phones I use for Uber, one for the pl..... Kidding, I have my Android phone for the actual app and navigation, and my main iPhone that I use for the radio/calling pax. My issue is that since Uber randomly generates the number every time, I have to pull up the number on my own phone...
  16. Uber Doobie

    Android vs Iphone

    I seem to be experiencing a lot of connection issues with the Driver app. I have a Samsung Note 3. Last night I had to ask a car load of drunk Pommies to cancel because I couldn't reconnect to start their trip. I was really pissed off & they were both really pissed & pissed off . . . Is this...
  17. UberwithStuber

    Android Tablet Help

    I use an Android tablet to view my pay statements at the end of every day. I find it easier to use than Iphone. I now can't open it. I get an error message that say "ERR-TOO MANY REDIRECTS TRY CLEARING YOUR COOKIES" I cleared cookies and same issue. Any ideas? Shut tablet down, restart, doesn't...
  18. RaleighUber

    Destination tool in android app

    I've seen on the Apple IOS version of the current Uber app, you click the x in the upper left corner to set a 'destination" where you are headed, and you only get requests that are along your route. Can use twice a day. But I can't find this tool in the Android app. Anyone have a screen shot...
  19. G

    Switch from Android to iPhone 7

    The battery of my old HTC One M7 drains very quickly and this annoys sometimes. So I moved to iPhone 7 Plus. The screen is bigger and battery are more durable. My question is how to move personal data such as contacts and text messages to iPhone? I am stuck on that. Please share you tips in...
  20. L

    LAX navigation app (Android)

    I wrote a simple Android app for navigating to the LAX terminals and Ride Service signs. The app is free and without ads. I wrote it for myself and wanted to share it with the Los Angles TNC community. You can find it on the Google Play app store by searching "TNC LAX." Comments welcome. The...