1. dakolson

    Ames, IA

    Where you at, fam?
  2. U

    Do we really need over 20 Uber cars in a city like Ames?

    Ames is flooded with Uber cars which give us Ames driver zero chance to actually make money. I haven't seen a surge so far and I doubt this is going to change with all these cars online. I would appreciate your thoughts guys.
  3. U

    Ames drivers let's make a group chat

    Ames drivers, I think it would be beneficial for all of us to figure out a way to communicate like a group chat twitter or what'sapp group. Please send me a massage lf you are interested.
  4. UberIowa15

    Drivers' guide to rating passengers

    I've noticed that the ratings system in Des Moines is not a reliable indicator of the quality of passengers. From talking to other drivers, I get the sense that many just automatically rate virtually everyone 5 stars, sometimes in front of them at the end of a ride to subtly push for...