1. Mista T

    Delivery vs Passengers

    Been thinking about doing delivery instead of X driving? Try and picture this: No more unaccompanied minors. No more car seats. No more false accusations. No more drunks. No more aux cord requests. No more Taco Bell requests. No more service animals. Just food, or packages. Sounds amazing...
  2. M

    Awesome charging cable for Riders!

    Just wanted to share. The Wifey discovered this brand of cables (Mentiz) from Amazon. Been using the USB C version with old Quick Charger for my Samsung S8+ and been keeping it charged at constant 100% while driving. Old Anker Powerline II cable never got close. I bought another one and also...
  3. R

    ? Amazon strikes Deal to Develop SD Commercial Vehicles ? Aurora, the autonomous vehicle technology startup backed by Sequoia Capital and Amazon, has struck a deal with Fiat Chrysler Automobiles to develop self-driving commercial vehicles.
  4. beebob

    Amazon Delivery Drivers Now Required To Take Selfies
  5. Ricardo Resolute

    1 big thing: Delivery bots will own the sidewalk Sidewalk delivery robots, a novelty for now, are multiplying: FedEx is joining Amazon, Starship Technologies and others with plans to unleash an army of bots for deliveries. Why it matters...
  6. Ricardo Resolute

    After New York City’s War With Amazon, Uber Next?

    After New York City’s War With Amazon, Uber Could Be Next After New York City and Amazon went to war over a new campus in Queens, the city is heading into battle with another tech giant: Uber. Mayor Bill de Blasio approved a...
  7. E


    DAVIES TRANSPORTATION 02.07.19 Amazon Wednesday made perhaps its most significant move yet into the self-driving car space, announcing an investment in autonomous tech developer Aurora. For a company with one of the largest logistics operations on the planet, it’s about time...
  8. E

    Amazon and UPS stop deliveries in several states amid frigid temperatures Amazon has closed delivery stations in Michigan, the Chicago area, Indianapolis area, Milwaukee area, and Minneapolis area. UPS has stopped deliveries and pickups in 19 zip codes in Michigan and Iowa...
  9. UberLyftFlexWhatever


    MATT SIMON AND ARIELLE PARDES GEAR 01.23.19 04:54 PM THE PRIME CHALLENGES FOR AMAZON'S NEW DELIVERY ROBOT. Amazon announced on Wednesday that it will begin field testing Scout in Snohomish County, Washington, with Prime customers who request same-day, one-day, or two-day delivery...
  10. Kurt Halfyard

    Where the Gig Economy Goes To Die...AMAZON

    This is another one for Karl Marx , a year old WIRED article on the "WORKAMPERS" used by Amazon; seasonal retirees to crush their joints and get addicted to pain killers for minimum wage so that some tech worker can get his The-Girls-Of-Marvel-Comics book delivered Same-Day to his San Francisco...
  11. BurgerTiime

    Amazon may acquire Lyft The author and Facebook product manager Parth Detroja has made a bold prediction: In the next 18 months, he says, Amazon will buy Lyft, the ride-hailing company that is reportedly planning to go public next year. In the...
  12. domi

    Amazon Flex : Maximum Hours per Week

    Hello noticed now a cap of 28-30 hrs a Week used to be 40 hrs a week ... the weirdest thing is that its only in few markets. Orlando, Houston so far.. Are you a full time Amazon Flex Driver ? What's the max Hr per week are you doing ? Thanks Regards
  13. Nina2

    Do Flex drivers get discounts on Amazon com

    I am thinking of signing up for Flex but want to know if there are any discounts on Amazon com or other Amazon products for drivers in LA
  14. UberLeeLeeLee

    Amazon Flex?

    So I signed up for Amazon Flex in Dayton but haven't seen any offers after clicking a bunch. I suspect that the warehouse is not officially opened yet. Has anyone else signed up for Flex in Dayton and, if so, have you gotten any offers? Two questions: 1) Is Flex live in Dayton, Ohio and 2) Out...
  15. G

    Kroger partners with Nuro for SDC food delivery. Kroger to bring driverless cars to grocery delivery Kroger is partnering with autonomous car company Nuro to introduce driverless cars to its grocery delivery. Kroger has made a number of investments...
  16. Whoomp there it is

    Amazon Flex drivers getting some new competition from.... Amazon MIAMI (CNN) – If you have $10,000 and want to be your own boss, Amazon has a deal for you. Starting Thursday, you can apply to start your very own small business, delivering Amazon Prime...
  17. Gezzy530

    Eugene Oregon/ Amazon flex??

    Does anyone know if flex is in eugene?
  18. UberPete1911

    FHD 1080p Amazon dashcam @31$

    Great deal. Get it if you need it and save some money. Express Uber pool - let's go!
  19. N

    Amazon Logistics

    Hello Everyone, I am new to this so any help, suggestions and guidance will be appreciated. I was looking into becoming a contractor for Amazon Logistics and I am stuck at route biding process. I was wondering if anyone here has a family/friends or themselves have any knowledge on the biding...
  20. Prius13

    While waiting at Ord Pit, do you..

    Or Mdw pit for that matter, do you kill time by playing with Alexa? Thinking of getting the Muse while waiting for pax or Eats or Grubhub food being ready for pick up.