amazon flex

  1. Driver Pierre

    How much I made in 2019 driving for Amazon flex?

    Hello . So I used to drive for lyft, and Uber, but last year 2019 . I tried amazon flex instead. I drive way less and make more for the time I drive . I post all of my pay on amazon flex on this video. I made over 20k kinda part time. I work when I could.
  2. A

    Amaxon flex blocks times

    About what time do the whole goods blocks usually come out. Theyre hard.for me to get and i like them better
  3. L

    Flex full time??

    New here. Is there anyone who is able to deliver for Amazon Flex full time in the Chicago-Lisle area? Is it possible??
  4. Nina2

    Do Flex drivers get discounts on Amazon com

    I am thinking of signing up for Flex but want to know if there are any discounts on Amazon com or other Amazon products for drivers in LA
  5. Belisaurius

    No more Amazon Flex in Jacksonville?

    I was attempting to sign up for Amazon Flex here in Jax, but I am told by the “Get Started” site that there are no openings or opportunities in my area (Jacksonville), and that I have to get on a waiting list, yet there are Jax drivers actively participating in the Flex forums talkinf about...
  6. Benzri

    will this help with parking tickets? poll

    hi all, if anybody is interested, i made an amazon flex car decal that says delivery in progress, check it out if you want
  7. flexitarian

    Missing Info in App

    Last year I was delivering quite frequently from the Amazon warehouse in San Antonio, and then I stopped receiving blocks. After a month or so, I noticed that the few blocks that were popping up (only during inclement weather & holidays) was for the Prime Now warehouse. When I drill down in to...
  8. N

    Amazon Logistics

    Hello Everyone, I am new to this so any help, suggestions and guidance will be appreciated. I was looking into becoming a contractor for Amazon Logistics and I am stuck at route biding process. I was wondering if anyone here has a family/friends or themselves have any knowledge on the biding...
  9. T

    Snow night delivery

    This past week I have done 2 Prime Now delivery route in snow. The first one was in the night (10pm - 12am block) and I was sent to this remote hill area. It was a really scaring experience because one of the customers live on this really steep slope. I drove there all up until to the point when...
  10. T

    Amazon should punish certain customers and compensate drivers

    I have almost 100% deliver rate doing Prime Now and Fresh for more than half a year. Then in past 2 weeks, I have already got 3 undeliverable returns due to customers not answering the door. I primarily do late night delivery, normally last route of the day. It's really frustrating to spend all...
  11. Transporter316

    I Refuse to do another warehouse route until they get more durable bags!!

    If you drive for Amazon Flex you already know how stressed out they make you on getting merchandise there on time so with all that said when the warehouse delivers heavy bottles of alcohol and thin paper bags or they fill them up too much and they bust all over the place we have to scary and get...
  12. Transporter316

    It's confirmed Amazon takes 30% of you tips. Here is how we know.

    Here was the first sign that we knew Amazon took some of our tips they don't give you a detail of what the customer has tipped you out like doordash. The second sign was that Amazon tells customers to tip in the app instead of giving them the option to tip in cash. So how did we find out? We...
  13. T

    Amazon's new year Eve gift

    Hiked hourly rate to 35
  14. JackPan

    Scanning bags vs individual

    Has anyone just scanned the whole bag amazon gives you at the warehouse and after you Finish delivering have like 4 packages.unaccounted for left? I always return them back to the warehouse. But it made me think. If those packages were unaccounted for delivery what if some people don't return...
  15. F

    Forfeit Reserved Block, Never Be Offered That Day And Time Again

    I've been told that if you forfeit a reserved block that you've accepted, for instance a 4-Hour block on Sunday from 2-6 PM - you will never receive a reserved block for that day and time span again. I read that on the blog Rideshare Dashboard on a post called "Everything You Need To Know About...
  16. Cynergie

    Interesting How Amazon Gets Outed in UK But Not US?

    Ran accross this recent article about UK Amazon employees (and a few US ones) who weren't too happy about the super bot expectations Amazon has set for its drones in its WH and Fulfillment centers. Wonder how much Besos truly cares about keeping the worker drones who made him the #1 billionaire...
  17. T

    Made 50 bucks doing a one hour prime block

    Accepted and completed an 1 hour block before dinner this Saturday. Earned 50 bucks. Unfortunately, all the other blocks did over the weekend were either quite shitty or just average.
  18. T

    So lucky a weekend

    I had a really lucky weekend doing Prime Now, unbelievable tip amount. Holiday is here and people are obviously happy.
  19. T

    How many late deliveries will bring deactivation

    Recently the prime now assignment from my station suddenly has become very aggressive. Long delivery route packed with many stops. And they assign you new route even you are not done with current one. I had two late deliveries already in 3 days, which never happened before. Although I replied...
  20. Prius13

    Here goes McKinley block

    First time.. Not sure what to expect.