1. V

    Better Insurance

    Hey my name is Virginia Peery, and I am a licensed insurance producer with Allstate. With Allstate you don't have to carry a commercial policy for ridesharing. We just add the rideshare endorsement to your personal policy with us. Call me and get a quote to see if I can save you money on your...
  2. V


    Hey everyone, My name is Virginia Peery, and I'm a licensed insurance agent with the Ciamborne Allstate agency in Virginia Beach. Allstate is one of the only companies that doesn't make you carry a commercial policy to drive for Uber. I can set you up with a personal auto policy that has an...
  3. phochief

    Allstate Rideshare endorsement coming to Florida

    Maybe this is old news, but I got an email directly from Allstate today saying they will begin offering their Rideshare endorsement in the state of Florida in May 2018.
  4. Allstate_Rideshare_Texas

    Allstate RideShare Insurance

    Hello Drivers, Allstate started offering Rideshare insurance in TX in Dec 2015 (but it seems to be a well-kept secret). I am one of a few Allstate agents in Texas that I know that are offering Rideshare insurance through Allstate. I am not a driver, but I have spent a lot of time studying and...
  5. Jylly

    Allstate Insurance

    I am at a loss here. My husband pays for FIVE vehicles, and four drivers. Nowhere on the lengthy policy , nor on the little wallet card, does it state any name but his. I called the Allstate office that we deal with, trying to get something with my name on it. She said it SHOULD be on the deck...
  6. UberIowa15

    Iowa auto insurance for UberX drivers?

    A previous thread was created Aug. 31 about potential issues with insurance for Iowa UberX drivers. No one responded, so I thought I would ask a similar question. I'm a relatively new Uber driver (I started in Aug., so I didn't suffer the 30% fare decrease, and for now I'm only driving part-time...
  7. D

    Loss Wages in GA?

    Hey everybody, My car was in an accident and i was 0% at fault with a tow truck, while my car was parked, and it resulted in my car being totaled. Unfortunately this means I can't Uber. The insurance company is willing to pay me loss wages but they are saying i need more proof since I wasn't...