1. Kurt Halfyard


    I see that PRIORITY MODE has a lower RATE CARD. This is a BULLSHIT move - Stay Busy, Earn Less, Work Harder for Less. CURRENTLY IN 'SOFT LAUNCH' in Toronto, Miami & Austin Markets.
  2. Kurt Halfyard

    London (UK) Lawsuit To Expose Uber ALGORITHM.

    I doubt it will go anywhere, but still, this is kind of interesting, particularly in light of how much discussion in these pages involves the whims and perceived whims of the Uber Algorithm...
  3. T

    Uber Eats (UE) algortihm?

    I am trying to gain a sense of the algorithm. It is combining the end user location where the order originates, with a restaurant that can supply the food, with a driver that is available in a reasonable time and distance. Thus a chain of restaurants may have an order from the same end...
  4. Coastal_Cruiser

    Do You Always Get The Ping If Pax Sitting In Your Car Requests A Ride?

    The excellent post by Mista T prompted this. This poll though is looking to neither validate nor invalidate the assertions of the article. It would simply be interesting to see if close proximity overrides all other weightings. I honestly don't even know how often this situation arises with...
  5. josephnet

    UberEats' algorithm: first day VS other days

    I'm not going to be super suspicious; but before I joined UberEats as a driver, I was told Uber's algorithm assigns much more tasks to drivers on their very first day of work to encourage them to stay in. At the time I didn't pay attention to those conspiracy theories until I joined myself. I...
  6. hefmen

    How to receive a high grade or earn extra money at ViaVan?

    Hi guys, Next week I'm going to start as a driver for ViaVan in Amsterdam. At the moment, I'm not experienced at all. So, I would like to know if there are some tricks to receive a high rating or to earn more money. Thank you in advance!
  7. Mista T

    Matching algo is f'd up

    Sitting in the parking lot of the largest mall in the state, around 2pm, waiting for a request. Lots of stores, hustle and bustle everywhere. PING - pickup 3.6 miles away. No thanks, why should I leave this area? Light rail has the end of the line at this location. So many ppl get off the...
  8. Kurt Halfyard

    5 Features For The LYFT/UBER App That Would Enhance Both Driver & Passenger Experience

    First off, let us be clear that this is not about increasing Driver pay, or lowering Passenger cost. Uber and Lyft are not going to pay their Drivers more money. Both ride hail companies have been bleeding Venture Capital money by the billions, each and every quarter. They are constantly...
  9. U

    The mysterious routing/pricing of Uber

    So I was out and about as a passenger. For the life of me I can't believe anyone uses the Uber navigation, but that's besides the point. Anyhow, my friend was going to order the uber and low and behold she's quoted aprox $ 15.00 to our downtown drop off. She mentions how my Uber's always...
  10. EatsNoob

    Class Action Lawsuit Against UberEats

    Today, I meet this guy driving UberEats and we start chatting. After a few minutes, he mentions that the current boost is 1.4x and my suspicions were verified at that moment because my boost was a whopping 1.9x !!! Uber pays different boosts to every driver depending on some algorithm in their...
  11. BurgerTiime

    Uber is experimenting with letting riders wait longer in exchange for cheaper fares Good things come to those who wait for their Uber. The ride-hailing company has started testing a feature that gives riders the option to trade a shorter wait for a cheaper fare. “Prices are...
  12. BurgerTiime

    Uber wants to patent a way to use AI to identify drunk passengers Uber may be able to tell when you've had a few too many drinks. The ridesharing giant has explored identifying drunk passengers with artificial intelligence, according to a patent application published Thursday...
  13. hfreeman17

    "Incentivized" up the wazoo

    I wrote this new article today after Uber's ping algorithms [email protected]#$ed me out of peak time today, further hurting my chances to get the $400 bonus for completing 65 trips, with 25 below 110th St in peak hours. Here is the article link. I'm more and more convinced that multiple agencies and...
  14. S

    Is it harder to get the final few rides of a Quest promotion?

    Am I getting paranoid? In Chicago we get these Quest promotions, like a $70 bonus for 25 rides between Mon. and Fri. Getting around 20 rides is easy. The problem is those last 4 or 5. Has anyone else noticed this? On a Thursday night, for example, I'll be 4 or 5 short of achieving that...
  15. ibeam23

    Algorithm experiment

    In three days I'm leaving for 24 days away in southern Siberia so I obviously won't be driving. I've pretty much driven 7 days a week for the last five months with a day off here and there. I'm curious if when I return to driving again if the Über gods will grace me with more profitable rides...
  16. Uber Doobie

    Algorithm to increase ANT population

    It would be interesting to know Ubers Algorithm to increase ANT population. Maybe it is based on something like If driver Attrition is x% Then Recruit x% + y% more drivers y% would be determined by projected the growth rate mmmm . . . . . . . . It's not the smartest or the strongest...
  17. Certain Judgment

    The Algorithm No Longer Fears Me

    Well, now that I have failed to hit the lowest tier of the PDB now for several weeks and I am not really trying, it would seem Lyft is now feeding me more rides in general. I am rarely online during weekday morning peak hours anymore, and I dual app and cherry pick all through bar hours on...
  18. _McUber_

    How do deal with this situation?

    Example simplified to get the idea: You are sent a request for rider A @ 1st Avenue & 1st Street. You pick up your riders Josh and his two buddies and discover they are going to 1st Avenue & 23rd Street "after" you start the ride on the app. So you drive in a straight line up 1st Avenue. Easy...
  19. Maven

    UberEats Tipping, Rating & Matching

    Tipping sucks for both delivery and pickup. :( Some will argue that they subjectively see better tips on either delivery or pickup. Others will claim that tipping is better for premium services (uberBlack, uberSelect, etc) or worse for uberPool. Tipping still sucks on uberAnything vs. LYFT...
  20. D

    Closer Rider Matched during surge and immediately cancels

    Ok..your going to pick up a surge trip. Your more than 5 minutes headed there. Uber then matched you with closer rider. That Ride cancels right away. You lost both trips and your likely in a high traffic area with no recourse to get out and surge is all gone. You do not get reimbursed for the...