1. Initial D

    Have anyone ever received a DoorDash request to deliver alcohol?

    I've received a request for a trip to BevMo! and required myself and the customer to be 21 or over. I'm above 21, but what if the customer hesitates to show identification or if I checked the customer's I.D and the person is below 21, do I keep the alcohol or drive back to the store to return...
  2. Jack Malarkey

    Jimmy Brings looking for drivers in Canberra for alcohol deliveries

    Jimmy Brings is launching in Canberra for delivery of alcohol. Registration of interest as a delivery driver: (Check that your car insurance covers this type of activity. My understanding is that NRMA is the only company in the ACT that covers...
  3. Fargle

    Pax open container and police

    Last week I caught someone, again, exiting my car while carrying an open container (beer can) that was snuck in. This got me wondering what to do if I'm pulled over and the cop sees a pax with an open container. Has anyone had to deal with this?
  4. Annunaki

    Pax LIED and REPORTED that i was DRINKING and APPEARED DRUNK , yet i dont Drink, Smoke or Do Any Dru

    Last Weekend, just after my last ride, i was deactivated from UBER , and a message from the support team saying that one of the riders reported that i was Drinking and Driving/ was drunk and under the influence. !! i had given afew riders some 1 star rating because of rudeness and obnoxious...
  5. SoCalGabbieCash

    Well what do ya know!?!

    RESTRICTIONS ON PERSONS IN VEHICLES NRS 484B.130 or 484B.135. 1. It is unlawful for a person to drink an alcoholic beverage while the person is driving or in actual physical control of a motor vehicle upon a highway. 2. Except as otherwise provided in this subsection, it is unlawful for...
  6. bender953

    Uptick in pax trying to bring alcohol

    I have had a rash of pax trying to hop onboard with cups of alcohol. I am amazed that they would think this is acceptable or even legal. Are these people this stupid or is there other drivers allowing this? I make them dump them or threaten to cancel the ride. Just boggles my mind!
  7. Frank Underwood

    Solution for Drunk Riders!

    Ladies and gentleman, Some info for any seasoned driver or any future ants considering becoming a rideshare slave. If you work any night, naturally assume you will pick up at least three of these disgusting drunk animals from Uber or Lyft. *Have a dashcam that records inside the car, the front...
  8. Chauffeurberg

    Falsely Reported for Impaired Driving!?

    The other day a pax reported me to Uber for "Impaired driving", even though I haven't had a drink in weeks and I don't do any drugs. -Has anyone else had this complaint? -pt.1 Does it affect your status with Uber? -pt.2 What do you do in these scenarios if accused? I've already gone ahead and...

    Full Moon Back Seat Porno Flick

    It must have been the effects of full moon on my riders the other night (And the alcohol they had been drinking) that made for an interesting night. I was hailed by the attention getting chirp of the Uber alarm going off and summoned to a location where a concert had just ended. After several...
  10. Jack Malarkey

    No ban on passengers having open alcohol containers in ACT

    Tne ACT rideshare legislation does not ban passengers in a rideshare vehicle from drinking alcohol or from possessing an open container of alcohol. (Of course, the driver would be entitled to deny his or her permission for this to happen.) Interestingly, the same legislation in section 147 does...
  11. UberGNVPartner

    City Commission may approve change to VFH Ordinace

    The current Gainesville, Florida, Vehicle For Hire (VFH) ordinance,, may change to allow alcoholic beverages in the VFH if the City Commission approves it on September 1st. The proposed change is...
  12. B

    Closed containers of alcohol in uber?

    In Arizona the law is you can't drive with OPEN containers of alcohol, but can drive with closed as long as it is out of reach of the driver. So can I take alcohol with me in the uber?
  13. Nenee

    Open container (alcohol) policy in South Florida.

    Can someone enlighten me on Uber's policy for having open alcohol containers in the vehicle? I love it that Uber doesn't provide new drivers with guidelines for what is permissible and what might be misconstrued as illegal and represent a potential liability risk for you as a driver. I googled...
  14. financeguy13

    DFW Top 25 in Alcohol Sales for April

    Read this Fort Worth Star Telegram article tonight and interesting to see how the places I've picked up at are ranked. FW drivers won't be too surprised at Varsity Tavern being #1 in FW. Those folks are so right to be ordering an Uber at 2am. Any thoughts? Here are the top 25 in alcohol...
  15. Cajundragon

    Legal Action Against Lyft

    I'm looking for help or some advice. I had a disagreement about politics with a rider and he decided to report to Lyft that "I seemed like I might be under the influence". They won't tell me who made the report so I don't know for sure. Now after a consistent 4.8 rating and over 400 rides Lyft...
  16. MikesUber

    Pax Told Me to **** Off

    Happy Thursday Uber fam So here we are with yet again another fun story about my encounters with the other side. (TL;DR at bottom as always) So I'm just coming back from a 30 min 6 mile run because this low-rated pax wanted to stop at Taco Bell. Yeah I know I know, it was a slow night. Didn't...
  17. FultonRealist

    Passengers: Smokers or alcohol smell

    Does anyone have an issue with passengers smoking a cigarette or reeking of alcohol that will funky up your car smell right before they get in?
  18. Choochie

    Pax asks me to buy booze and drop it off

    So it's NYE and I finally get a surge request, only 1.6x but it was early still, 9:30. So next he cancels once and again 4 more times. He gave up on getting a non-surge Fare and a minute later, after they brainstorm he calls and says he really didn't want a ride, but wanted me to go to the...
  19. T

    Open Container

    So last night I transported some college kids and when we almost got to the destination I noticed that one of them had a alcohol in a soft drink bottle. What do you guys do in this type of situation. End the ride right there, stop and ask them to toss it, create a report with Uber?