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  1. Edwin Howard Kluge Junior


    I have been driving here in Tuscaloosa Alabama since march 2017 in the UA area, I feel that work is steady here but not during the students summer break which is about 3 months long last year at the Int airport there seemed to be about 29 avg in que this year 2018 there is like 50 wow uber...
  2. Edwin Howard Kluge Junior

    Tuscaloosa, AL - War Eagles or Affiliate

    Hi I am Uber driver Edwin and I am a Millitary Affiliate I have been driving here since March 2017 so that is my year Yay! I drive only in Tuscaloosa. except rides to the Airport in Birmingham and also 1 ride last year to the Birmingham Outlet Mall My schedule is simply set the alarm for 4am...
  3. W

    Is the Mobile market worth buying a new car over?

    I'm interested in driving on a limited basis in Mobile as a second job/hobby, but my current car is too old to use. Any current drivers in the area have input on whether there's enough business around the city to justify a newer car just for part-time driving? I would only be interested in...
  4. Joe Neil Uber

    Huntsville, AL

    Uber launched in the Rocket City on March 4th 2016. Anyone care to share their experiences?
  5. DanielHSV

    New Driver - Huntsville AL

    Hi, new driver in Huntsville AL. Market just went live last week. I work full time in communications and an using this for a side job. Unfortunately I don't have the most fuel efficient vehicle. 2012 Ram 1500 Laramie - Large cab leather etc. So riders seem to like it but I average 15mpg around...
  6. JSP Uber

    Good good day all, new member in new city.

    JSP Uber here, ready to roll in Birmingham, AL. I jumped in early and am ready to roll, app at the ready! My go live button indeed goes live, but I don't think it's really live in our city yet. Anyhow I'm looking forward to it and sharing in forum. Have a GRATEFUL day!