1. Initial D

    Question about "Drive to Airport - You will get a request on the way" (Lyft)

    Whenever I'm at SFO or the Oakland Airport, I always get the message to drive to the airport for a ride from Lyft after I'm really close to the top of the queue. I was wondering, is the queue still moving while this message is up? I usually wait on Lyft and get a request for Uber, so I can tell...
  2. kensteriraq

    Quests becoming impossible with 12 hour ruleI’m getting about one right in our

    I’m getting about one ride an hour driving in DC. Surge is very low even on Saturday nights and rides are generally under $10 each. If you can only get 12 rides in 12 hours and you have three days to make your quest. Add in the obvious Uber algorithm design to keep you from hitting quest if...
  3. OC Lady Uber Driver

    No Poo for You!

    I was camping at the airport last night because it's a guaranteed ride, right? But it was a brutal wait. And after the first ride, I went and got dinner and headed back to the queue for another ride. Well, 90 minutes later, I have to go to the restroom and I'm gathering up my belongings to go...
  4. Kawiz03

    Lyft queue

    Whats with the queue always showing low numbers but crawling at a snails pace maybe yankdog can fill us in since you are the sage of airport pick ups oh wise one
  5. Don Sasso

    Pulled away from airport for a 4block ride

    I'm at my wits end here, this is getting insane! I go to long beach airport, get in the queue and I get pulled out for either a pool or x away from the airport and EVERY TIME the rude is like 3 or 4 blocks long! Can you guys do me a big favor before I quit uber and drive exclusively for lyft...
  6. Igsfire

    Trade dress enforcement at airports

    Comon city easy money! For crying out loud, uber and lyft both warn drivers that if you are caught without it, then you risk a $1000 fine. It is a cut and dry case. Cop : Driver Do you have your trade dress?: No And you are?: Waiting for a pickup at (LAX or ONT)... You came in here knowing...
  7. mikelly

    Drop off and Pick up

    Where do you drop off and pick up passengers at the Portland,Oregon airport?
  8. burgerflipper

    BOYCOTT UBER AT THE AIRPORTS!!!! (use Lyft instead)

    Tonight Lyft was dark purple in both airports, and Uber showed no surge at all. I wasn't nearby, so I didn't see how many cars were in the queue, but I suspect it was one (link). In case any of you haven't caught on, please turn off your Uber app at the airport when you see this is going on. I...
  9. New2This

    No Pool at Airports

    The whiny Brits have to pay more for Pool. BOO Goddamn HOO for them. In the article was an interesting line: 'UberPool is also being disabled at Heathrow Airport, meaning you can no longer get a cheap lift home by sharing with randoms that've also just touched down.' Let's take one idea from...
  10. burgerflipper

    my experience waiting in the ewr rideshare lot

    boy do i have a lot to post, and no time. so i'll be brief i dropped off a lyft pax at ewr and use the Lyft app to find my way to the rideshare lot. while im still at the terminal, i get an instaping. i call, they say jersey. i ask them to cancel, they claim that they get charged a fee. i tell...
  11. U

    clueless yellow driver

    Hi all. I am about to become a clueless yellow driver. I've done Uber, now I will be trying out yellow for a bit. I figure I'll start at the airports, otherwise I might be cruising hours without a fare. I have no idea how yellow works at the airports. I've seen their lot at jfk, but I have...
  12. HiDuuken

    2.5x at the Airport

    I thought airport surge maxed at 2x? It maxes 2.5 now? Anybody know how this has been? Here's a screenshot of FLL
  13. Instyle

    Caution Airport Jobs AU

    It appears international transport companies, some based in the Philippines are booking Airport transfers at Chauffeur/Limo/Hire car rates and merely requesting UberX and relaying the passenger details to the driver. If you experience this at any Australian airport, please report the booking...
  14. Edman

    Do Cops make extra money Impounding Cars at ATL Airports?

    Do cops make extra money or commissions by calling tow truck companies?
  15. Neoboi

    So I'm picking my mom up at sjc tonight

    I will never ever accept an sjc ping. Never done it before and as I'm outside having a smoke while I wait for my mom. Their traffic cops are a total [email protected]@@@ and don't do any real enforcement. Dangerous as hell.
  16. JorgeTheBigBoss

    Driving in L.A from 5AM to 1PM...what do you think?

    Hello fellow Uber Drivers! I'm brand new and looking forward to driving and making some side $$ with Uber, I want to avoid the pukers, and crazy nightlife people so I've decided to drive early mornings. I'm curious though, I have to drive all the way from Ontario, to L.A which isn't too bad...
  17. Phasmatrope

    L.A. airports: safe to pick up/drop off at LAX & BUR?

    Hey, so noob L.A. driver here, so remind me, what's the deal with airports in the area?? ARE we safe to pick up AND drop off passengers at airports like LAX and Burbank?? (and Ontario, if we're ever out there). I remember hearing from a driver once that rideshare drivers could get $1000 tickets...
  18. chi1cabby

    Uber yanks UberTaxi service from the Airports!

    Ever since Uber started UberX in late 2012, Uber has treated it's UberTaxi service as a red headed stepchild. It never introduced UberTaxi in any of it's dozens of new U.S. Markets. In the five markets (SF, D.C., NYC, Boston & Chicago) where UberTaxi was available, Uber worked to undermine &...
  19. hawaiizeke

    San Francisco and L.A. airports

    Hi: I normally drive in Fresno and know the rule regarding the Fresno Airport. But what about if I am in San Francisco or Los Angeles and want to drive there? The last time I was in L.A., I tried going online in Orange County, and got the "you are not authorized to drive in this area" message...
  20. jameshetfield

    ORD or MDW which do you prefer?

    Question for Uber and Lyft drivers who frequent the airports in Chicagoland.