airport trips

  1. DrinkSoda

    Afternoon airport runs

    Most discussion around airport runs center around the mornings. Particularly Mondays. Let’s look at another busy time for airport trips: Thursday and Friday afternoons. For the first time in a few years I took an afternoon ORD run. Originating from the West Loop. Was just short of 12 noon with...
  2. S

    BEWARE Trips to Houma from MSY

    I just drove a passenger from Louis Armstrong Airport all the way to Houma, La and was paid $22.50 for that. Uber Support kept saying it is a flat rate and then I checked the site. The site says trips to Houma are $37.50! That is right. You drive a passenger one way 60 miles, the trip is...
  3. tyesquire

    Avoid destination filter ending

    so every weekend after 4 am I try to use destination filter to get a run to an airport that is an hour away... in the past I could take the person there, drive drive back towards my original starting point,,, with destination filter still running and get continuous returns to the airport... now...
  4. jayoncé_

    Best times to drive in PGH?

    Hey all! I've been driving Uber for a bit now. I started in Aug 2015, drove for about a month and then took a hiatus. I recently started driving again this past week; mainly because I need the extra money. The problem I am having is trying to plan accordingly so that I minimize my losses (gas...