airport rides

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    Getting placed at end of the airport queue

    Since they moved us to level 5 we no longer get a match after drop off, which i understand why. What i don't get is why they can't set the airport queue to prioritize drivers ( say there is 70 car in the lot, maybe we can be thrown in the middle of the queue or something...) who just gave a...
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    New wait time clock at ORD

    So, what does everyone think of the "wait time" clock we get in the ORD staging lot? I was very surprised by it on Saturday! Not sure if it's entirely accurate, but it sure helped me determine how long I was willing to wait. I'm amazed UBER responded so quickly with it but not amazed that, of...
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    denver group cleverly gaming the airport out rides - watch for this at your airport

    This is from our local users group, but i have not seen it confirmed in the news. It however reflects business users comments that so many of their out airport rides are with ex cab drivers that I believe it. It appears a confederate is in the terminal with a bag of Uber phones. When one gets...