airport ride

  1. R

    I can't signup on Uber Help?

    I've been trying for over an hour to sign up on uber as a new client but it keeps saying that my credit card is expiring in 1month. It expires in 2018. It seems that the machine is only reading 1 on it. I changed it to 2018 several times but it keeps saying 1 month. Is there anyone to contact...
  2. tipster98122

    Squeamish about airport pickups? Tell your PAX this easy way.

    Tell PAX to hop a FREE (this word gets their attention) shuttle to hotel or Wally Park and ping us from there. All legit and no hassle to us trying to search for them at terminal.
  3. W

    Need a Ride from Exton, PA to PHL Airport - UberXL

    I am posting it here because I don't want do it on App in the last moment when I need it. I don't want the driver to show up and frown on the luggage. Following is what I am looking for, and if you can help me out, please drop a message. Car Type Required: UberXL Date: November 14, 2015 Time...
  4. K

    Introducing Uber Airport?

    No need to deal with airport traffic! We can send a car to meet you at the plane once it clears the runway!
  5. Liz Callin

    Early Ride Available Alexandria to BWI

    Looking for an early morning ride (4:30 AM) from Alexandria, VA to BWI tomorrow (Saturday, Sept. 26). Will drivers be available? Thanks!