airport pickup

  1. S

    Car Seat Protector/Cover

    Hey all the drivers, Have you thought about getting seat protector/cover for you car? Or at least, trunk protector/cover? There are so many scratches on my car! If I have the seat cover, would that affect my rating? I want to hear your thoughts. If you already got the seat cover, where did...
  2. E

    New airport passes ("access cards")

    I’ve been waiting for an airport access card for over 3 months now and I assume that many others are in the same boat. I’d been told in past months that new cards should be out very soon and that we would all be informed when they were available for pickup at the Greenlight Hub. Since the Hub...
  3. K-pax

    Don’t pick up at seatac peak hours on uber

    I feel like punching a wall right now. So, I ended up getting a request for the tnc garage while not even at the airport or in the queue. Hardly any cars in the queue right at the peak arrivals time. I figured, what the hey. I’ll do it. The expressway was very backed up, pretty much gridlock a...
  4. HereNow

    Airport Pickup

    Whats the regulation regarding UberX pickup from Airport? Is there a law or something that rideshare can not pick up from Airport, can GoCatch do it?
  5. doutrnz

    Airport Restrictions and the Uber app, does it know?

    My local airport allows drop off but NOT pick ups. It also requires a TCP License. Since it is recommended to accept all pickup requests, I accept them pretty quickly before the timer runs down. I'm really afraid that I will get one from the airport. Does the Uber app know I cannot pickup from...
  6. AbiLinhardt

    Need early morning ride

    Hey all, So I see the schedule a ride thing WILL be out but it's not now where I live in Newtown, CT. But I am nervous about getting a ride in October to the airport early. Like I need to leave the house at 6am bc my flight is at 8am and the airport is 1.4 hours away. Is there a way to find...
  7. K

    No timer at airports= Koffee only goes when she sees surges

    It's that in a nutshell. If fuber expexts us to go to the airport and sit there like tools with our apps on to take a no surge ping request, no tipping pool pax from DCA to the Crystal City Hilton, then they are truly delusional. People..... DON'T go to the airport unless you see a surge...
  8. 2Grlzdad

    Best FLL Airport Queue Spot?

    Just began Uberring, and noticed they have a restricted area around FLL Airport where pax requests won't register. Where is the most accessible place to wait for an airport fare near FLL?