airport pick up

  1. gabby4uber

    Waiting for [email protected] Airport

    Waiting for 1st pickup
  2. Mr.Consistencia

    Uber full time, airport pick up, Lyft driver and Schedules, places and recommendations

    I've been driving for Uber since July 2016. I've almost always been doing part-time work on the weekends, I usually drive 16 to 25 hours a week and I can say I was doing well, sometimes $ 350, $ 450, $ 650. This week I will start driving full time. I would like you to give me your help and...
  3. Modern-Day-Slavery

    Sit in Queue or Go back empty?

    In your opinion, is it better to wait in queue at the airport after a drop off or cut your losses and drive back towards the city? Sometimes I wait over an hour and even then the trip can be very shot like taking a pilot from domestic to international, a less than $10 fare (yes it happens)...
  4. UberReallySucks

    SAN Pick up Comedy Show

    So I get a request from SAN from someone with an Indian name as in Hindu. I text the guy about what terminal he's in and if he knows about the Ride share pick up location. He texts me back NO... I don't. So I call the guy and I am trying to let him know where to go, he goes:" You know I have 3...
  5. Jper

    Taxi driver photographed my car at Logan

    This happened a couple of days ago... While at Logan I accepted a Lyft line from terminal C arrivals going downtown. I greet the passenger through the window, pop open the trunk and suddenly this cab driver starts taking pictures of us, my car and my license plate. I asked him what he was doing...