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airport brisbane

  1. Taringa4068

    Airport Uber Select

    Hi All, Does anyone know if there is a different queue for select? I assume that if a rider orders a select that it would go to the next select that is in the total queue regardless?? But is there a way to see what number select I would be in the queue? Thanks
  2. Sammm

    Brisbane Airport

    Hi Guys, I dropped two people off at the airport today but each time I had trouble getting a fare back in. Is anyone else finding this? Is it worth parking somewhere close-by until you get a fare?
  3. S

    Hey brisbane!

    Hello to the fellow drivers in Brisbane. I'm pretty new on the roads and just wondering if any of you guys that have been around a while could offer me advice on the airport. I've dropped a few off out there but never bothered to try to pick one up for the trip back to town. I'm just wondering...