ai automation

  1. Antvirus

    Meet Your Future AI Drivers Best not to look it directly in the eyes...
  2. Karl Marx

    Neurotechnology, Elon Musk and the goal of human enhancement I remember one a researcher I met who was using fMRI to measure brain activity stimulation when subjects were listening to music, that was 12 years ago using fMRI. That...
  3. dirtylee

    Google Assistant Robo Calls

    Check out this magic. Still in test/beta mode but yeah, kiss your jobs goodbye if talking on the phone is how you make a living.
  4. Karl Marx

    It's not too late to save the world from killer robots
  5. Karl Marx

    Do you trust this computer? doc
  6. Karl Marx

    Elon Musk warns A.I. could create an ‘immortal dictator from which we can never escape
  7. Karl Marx

    Elon Musk: Humans must merge with machines or become irrelevant in AI age
  8. QLDUberDriver

    Ford is putting $1 billion into an AI startup (Self-Driving Cars)

    Ford is putting $1 billion into an AI startup, Detroit's biggest investment yet in self-driving car tech The automaker will take a majority stake in Argo AI, founded by two top engineers from Google and Uber. Ford has made Detroit’s biggest investment yet in self-driving technology, acquiring...
  9. Karl Marx

    The current crisis spells the end of the neoliberal model. Why Uber doesn't work for workers. Many of you have probably not heard of Paul Mason, he is a British progressive and economic writer and has emerged as one of the...
  10. Karl Marx

    The battle over Uber and driverless cars is really a debate about the future of humanity The debate needs to be scaled up much more quickly. Admin assistants, office, bank and gov't clerical staff already are living employers dreams of no more payrolls. AI...