1. Daniello

    Minimum Requirement in NYC

    Hi, I am 24 Years old and I got My driving License 6 months ago, Since then I have been driving all over the NYC almost everyday. Gained lot of experience all five Borough, I have a clean driving record and no criminal background. But My question is what are the minimum driver requirement...
  2. Daniello

    NYC Uber Driver Requirement - Minimum 1 year driving license?

    Hi, I am 24 Years old and just got My Driving License, I plan to become a Uber driver, I heard that You have to wait at least 1 Year after You get Your driving license to apply to become a Uber driver, So I was looking all over Uber Nyc website but couldn't find any such rule, Only thing I...
  3. BurgerTiime

    Lyft’s new users skew younger than Uber’s

    Full story: Nearly 78 percent of people who downloaded Lyft in the last six months are under 34 years old, according to SimilarWeb data that looks at app installs from Google Play. In comparison, 66 percent of Uber’s app...
  4. Danimal1027

    TLC and Uber Vehicle age requirements?

    Hello Does anyone know what the minimum vehicle age is that satisfies both TLC and Uber/Lyft ?? I recall reading Uber requires 7 years or newer but now the website reads 2006 or newer. Looking to purchase a cheap used car to plate. All help is appreciated. Thanks.
  5. DonCie

    Unaccompanied Underaged Minors

    A lot of drivers are unaware of the fact that Uber and state laws do not allow us to give rides to kids under the age of 18 when unaccompanied with an adult. I kind of stumbled across it in the passenger legal section looking for other information. I've since inquired about a drivers...
  6. Gilbert_Aus

    The Old and the Beautiful

    "A society will be judged on the basis of how it treats its weakest members" I've noticed lately that many older drivers (say 50+) tell me they are doing this only because they don't have any other options. Some admit to taking risks because their night vision isn't so good. Is it true that...