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  1. pizza guy

    Evaluating our IC status

    I would like to start by saying I want nothing to do with being an employee or the shady unions who say they can advocate on my behalf. I do however have a real problem with how there is no longer a direct relation between how much the rider pays and how much we earn. When we file taxes Uber...
  2. M

    The Real Reason Why Business is Slow!!

    Ok guys and girls I'm mixed up but this is what I came up with. We know what the deal is re those driver referral bonuses so next on the list is let's not forget New Years Eve when Ubers loyal customers awoke the next day to find that their usual $20 ride had turned into over a hundred dollar...
  3. M

    Uber is My Pimp and I'm It's Ho!!!

    The Uber Machine doesn't care anything about me although I sweat for it like a dog drive all hours here there everywhere. I threw away my pride and ego and signed away any rights that I could have by signing the new agreement. Then I use their new low how low can you go rates to give my cudomers...