1. Mtbsrfun


    Morning all, Few weeks ago I was laid off so I stopped by the unemployment office and got signed up; putting Uber as my part time employment to get bills paid. Yesterday I received a call from the woman in charge of everything Uber related in the state of NH wanting to ask me a few questions...
  2. westsidebum

    Play in the big leagues

    When Hilary Clinton launched her campaign she began with class agitation against low wages and a specific attack against the gig economy and companies like Uber that she viewed as exploiting workers and skirting labor laws. Her attacks got no traction and she moved on to other issues. For a...
  3. N

    Does Uber employ "driver advocates/liaisons" on these forums?

    I've been having an interesting discussion in the Toronto drivers' forum that has abruptly gone in an unexpected direction. The thread is here: A poster I was talking to identified another poster, Actionjax, as a...
  4. agtg

    Would you give $5 a month for the next 6 months for an advocate?

    Would you give $15 to fund an advocacy campaign complete with pro website with testimonies of drivers, a professional video that rallies drivers and educates riders and representatives, a site that enables drivers to easily contact local, state, and federal representatives to defend working...
  5. Fireguy50

    PSA situational awareness I hope we all have our eyes open, and report things that aren't normal. Like people having non consensual sex behind dumpsters with unconscious bodies. Uber/Lyft has one of the largest fleets of mobile neighborhood watch...
  6. @earth_to_jen

    Start Uber Driver Email Campain to Florida Legislators

    Well, the Florida TNC bill didnt pass as we all know. The real reason? Senator Simmons said ex. Uber insurance had to cover when a driver picked up a fare from Miami going to Palm Beach all the way until the driver returned to Miami. Its commercial time. Driver would not be on road if it...
  7. chi1cabby

    Uber: Underpaid, assaulted and disillusioned UK drivers file lawsuit exposing dark side of company
  8. chi1cabby

    Chron Outlook | A Pro Drivers & A Pro Uber OpEds by Drivers

    Lack of worker rights for Uber drivers allows for exploitation in shared economy By Mark Singleton Singleton, who has driven for Uber, is the author of the "Emergency Petition to Protect and Improve Our Transportation Network." Uber's business model promotes flexibility, doesn't need change By...
  9. JaxUbermom

    Join the rest in a nationwide protest!

    Solidarity and public awareness!
  10. Cam11b

    Suggestion To Strike Organizers

    Having problems communicating to other drivers in your market? Try using the system to your advantage... E.g. Ask current supporters/drivers to use the passenger app to send text messages to other drivers by requesting rides, copy-pasting a message and sending it via the app, then cancellation...
  11. cleansafepolite

    why bother? who cares.

    2016. pictures of the great uber stike.
  12. cleansafepolite

    would the advocacy forums benifit more if they were subsectioned into regions or cities?

    I think it would be benificial to have a subsection for each region or city dedicated to advocacy, as well as a seperate already exsisting advocacy forum that covers general non-localized information. It could act as the headquarters so that everyone can act in unison and independantly...
  13. N

    Uber Driver Story (NYC)

    I'm a NYC-based artist and writer working on a work of fiction revolving around an Uber driver. The story is a way to illustrate the kind of issues surrounding Uber and other kinds of 'sharing-economy' apps that are problematic for the drivers. I'm really interested in having some...
  14. L

    Fight for your rights: Research on the issues encountered by Uber drivers

    Hi All! I am researching on Uber Terms&Conditions, policies, etc. to understand if they are transparent and if they creates issues from a driver's perspective. Therefore, I would be very grateful to know from you guys: 1. Is there anything in the Terms, policies that you don't like/would like...
  15. chi1cabby

    United Private Hire Drivers
  16. BC1045

    UBER Home Town SF Documentary *****

    Just ran across this 2014 Driving for Hire documentary on YouTube. Made in San Francisco, home of Uber. Very informative and enlightening for Uber, Lyft, and other TNC/VFH drivers everywhere. 1 hour 25 minutes, well worth your time. Happy Trails...