addison lee

  1. PH driver on the K

    Using your own car on AL exec, Excel exec or similar

    Has anyone here have any experience with the above please? Can you work both simultaneously? Or another firm I haven’t considered? Currently I work Friday and Saturday night for my local office in the burbs which is fine but I’m not getting enough time in London to help me with my knowledge...
  2. SecretSquirrel

    Are you busy with Ad Lee?

    Hi, just wondering how Ad Lee is doing these days. I know a few members here are with AL. Mr Postcode, are you still loving it?? Mr Dubs? I am not sure but Mr Volkswaber, are you with them or are you on your scooter? Looks like Ad Lee prices are consistently higher than Uber X, say between...
  3. D

    Anyone waiting to join addlee

    I can get you to jump the waiting list with one months free car and insurance , inbox me for details My earnings for the month of July , first one I had flu so missed most of the week. All figures are gross and cash not included in the figures . Only been at addlee for 18months so no I am not...
  4. A

    Addison Lee and Uber Back Pay And Holiday Claims

    Hello All Join GMB Union and UPHD to start claiming back pay and holiday pay for thousands of pounds each. Leigh Day Solicitors will be claiming for hundreds of drivers in New Year against Uber, and Addison Lee. Uber Back Pay Addison Lee Back Pay. Hundreds of drivers are now making back...
  5. uberupnorth

    Addison Lee Luton Airport

    Addison Lee have been awarded Luton Airport contract for next 5 years.