1. Maven

    Are Binghamton & Syracue That Boring?

    Why is this the least active forum in the Entire State of New York ??! The first 4 listed below were all started about the same time. How is driving in this area? What stuff is happening? Is Lyft better than Uber? After almost 2 months, what do think of being an Uber/Lyft driver? Messages /...
  2. duanedesign

    Strategy for tulsa

    I'm in my first week driving for uber. I'm trying to keep a journal of when and where I get rides. I'm trying to determine where my time is best spent. So far nothing to specific. So far i seem to intermittent rides downtown. Many others rides random. Are there an tips for a newbie on where to...
  3. Jeff's uber

    Activity map

    Cincinnati and Covington are my main areas. Thanks for your tips.