1. Rainbows&unicorns

    Uber activation?!?!?

    New to the forum and rideshare world. So I’ve been trying to sign up with Uber and lyft for the last month. Lyft finally got back to me and said they are considering rejecting my application because of my background check. I have a misdemeanor for trespassing.. it was a dumb mistake.. but...
  2. JPmorganfreeman

    Activated New Car

    Stopped by Uber offices on Adelaide as per your recommendation (thanks!) and got my car activated. Need to wait for some documentation before I can get pings in Toronto - will take about 5 days. Looks like I'm stuck driving in the burbs tonight. Hopefully no pings take me downtown or I'm...
  3. L

    Rejected Under Profile Photo - Normal?

    Hi everyone. I started the process of getting my Uber account SETUP yesterday. I noticed logging into the uber dashboard that it says "Rejected" under my profile pic. So I took a pic. It still says rejected. Is this normal? Screenshot below. I have no reason to be rejected for background...
  4. W

    you rent the car and take paper work to uber, how long is the activation process?

    I was able to get a rental car they gave me the paper work to bring to uber, and said i can pick up the car tommorw. I have a court appt at 1 and work at 4 just wondering how long is the activation process in ny at the uber office?
  5. S

    Inspection Fee (Los Angeles)

    Hi! I have driven for over the past year. Took some time off. Now I need to get my vehicle reinspected, but not finding the free inspection places here in Los Angeles. When I first started I was texted by Uber every day with the inspection places that were free, now I'm not getting these...
  6. ccbruins

    Another Class Action in the Makings

    Based on information available on UBER's website I decided to apply to be an Uber driver. I spent a total of $250.00 for the health certificate, car inspection etc., money I would not have spent otherwise. I have been patiently waiting for MONTHS for my Uber account to be activated. I have...
  7. Bauberon

    Inspections in Reno?

    Well, as of Thursday, I will be heading down to Vegas to get my 2014 Chrysler Town & Country inspected. I have been trying to get ready for the launch since the bill was passed earlier this year. Unfortunately, I've ran in to hurdle after hurdle. I started asking Uber Support when, where...
  8. S

    How long for activation?

    Hello all, I just signed up for uber and noticed that I have all my documents listed as "active". When I log in, I still get the message "Congratulations! You're almost ready to hit the road. Please check your email for the next steps!" I haven't gotten an email though. How long does it...