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  1. Jack Malarkey

    Uber's popularity on the rise in Canberra despite controversy elsewhere

    https://the-riotact.com/ubers-popularity-on-the-rise-in-canberra-despite-controversy-elsewhere/201398 Extract: Canberra’s Uber X ride-sharing service is continuing to grow in popularity with more than 700 locals now signed up as drivers – seven times the number who started when the service was...
  2. Jack Malarkey

    Night Rider bus users in Canberra to get festive season Uber savings

    Canberra Times, 28 November 2016, page 7: http://www.canberratimes.com.au/act-news/uber-discount-for-night-rider-bus-users-this-festive-season-20161125-gsxccx.html First paragraph: 'The ACT Government has struck a deal with Uber that will see Night Rider bus users get $10 trip discounts for...
  3. Jack Malarkey

    Rideshare advertising banned in ACT

    Section 164P of the ACT rideshare legislation provides that a rideshare vehicle licensee commits an offence if they advertise that the vehicle is used to provide a rideshare service. The penalty is up to 10 penalty units ($1,500). Section 164U provides that a rideshare driver commits an offence...
  4. Jack Malarkey

    Up-front tips banned in ACT

    Section 221H(4) of the new ACT rideshare legislation bans up-front tips payable to rideshare or taxi drivers or to their booking services. An up-front tip is defined for this purpose as a tip for the passenger to be picked up sooner than would happen in the ordinary course of bookings. The...
  5. Jack Malarkey

    No ban on passengers having open alcohol containers in ACT

    Tne ACT rideshare legislation does not ban passengers in a rideshare vehicle from drinking alcohol or from possessing an open container of alcohol. (Of course, the driver would be entitled to deny his or her permission for this to happen.) Interestingly, the same legislation in section 147 does...
  6. chi1cabby

    What are the Insurance requirements for UberX Drivers & Uber in Canberra?

    Uber's Insurance Coverage for UberX in Australia is Contingent, and Secondary to Drivers' own personal car insurance. Uber's Australian Partnership Agreement requires Drivers to procure insurance that provides coverage for their UberX Driving. Australia | Uber's Insurance Policy We know that a...