1. Ziggy

    ACL 2018

    Everything you ever needed to know about driving at ACL ... but were afraid to ask. This is my 4th ACL driving pax ... though there are a few salty drivers who drove illegally in 2014 and made an obscene amount of money. Let's face it, we'll never make as much this year as we did in 2015...
  2. V

    ACL - What is your plan?

    I am wondering what drivers plans are for working the ACL fest? Like: Where are you planning to pick-up those leaving ACL? (Sterzing/Toomey? Veterans? Lee Barton? Republic Sq?) ... drop off? plastic seat covers? iced down water? what hours? how are you helping your rider find your vehicle...
  3. Nate R

    ACL 2015

    Passenger Drop Off: ( I assume this will be the pickup spot too) The passenger drop-off area is at the north end of the Mopac (Loop 1) Pedestrian Bridge on Stephen F. Austin Drive next to Austin High School. The pedestrian footbridge runs underneath Mopac. This is the closest drop point to the...